Gears 3 leaderboards offline across the board

Hello everyone!

I still enjoy playing Gears 3 occasionally and for about a month now we’ve noticed that the leaderboards for Horde, King of the Hill, Beast, etc. are all malfunctioning. When checking the leaderboards in any of the modes it appears the times are simply not there, or that the server(s) that host the database or whatever method is used to keep track of the leaderboards can’t be reached.

I understand it is a very old game and definitely not a priority but due to the lineage of Gears and all of the time and effort all of the players have put in throughout the years to obtain the achievements and top spots in the leaderboards I hope that it will eventually be fixed!

Thank you!


The Halo games on 360 are getting sunset for their online services this year so its only a matter of time for the old Gears games as well.


It’s a shame considering the only recent fps boost makes a huge difference. Me and a couple of friends would play gears 3 for the achievements if the servers were still going.

If it’s all taken offline, doing the fps boost seems kind of pointless.


Yeah it would be very disappointing since the core audience of Gears likes multiplayer. A person can always go back and enjoy the campaign though. I hip on Gears 2 every now and then and play some missions on Insane to relive the campaign because it’s been so long.

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I’ve just played through ultimate edition, gears 2 and now playing through 3.

I only ever played 3 for a couple of months then one day I stopped and I don’t know why.

I would love to be able to try get all of the achievements as I did it with 4 and nearly there with 5. Am I right in saying some are now completely unobtainable in gears 3?

If I recall, there isn’t any achievements tied to the leaderboards.

Unrelated, and I don’t know the specifics, but Sybarite(also needed for Seriously 3.0) may be unobtainable.

The leaderboards are very important in Gears 3 since a lot of people play to get better times and scores. The Gears 2 leaderboards still work, so they really should keep supporting Gears 3 leaderboards to keep their loyal fans happy.


It would appear the leaderboards on Judgment are gone too. Noticed when playing Overrun yesterday.


Gears 3 leaderboards had been working, certainly were around 2 months ago.

They were but i checked yesterday and can confirm they are offline now.


Although leaderboards are down, all achievements are still obtainable, including getting the war supporter medal (weekly events).

Anyone else want to get back into 3?

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Would appear the issue is affecting many titles. Leaderboards also gone on Perfect Dark, Banjo Kazooie and if i was to hazard a guess i’d say all first party titles published by microsoft on 360. What a bum move. I’d sooner have leaderboards over achievements any day of the week.

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Good news everyone!!! The leaderboards have been fixed in Gears 3.

Thanks to whoever was able to get them restored, we really appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Most of the Horde and almost all of the Beast leaderboards are down again. Would really appreciate another fix, thanks.

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Confirmed. The Beast leaderboards unfortunately seem to be missing again, would be great to see them again some day soon!!!