Gears 3/J issues fixed

Thanks for letting me know. Still love the game and will continue playing it even though its happened.

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Please for the love of god let the Events change Monday! Been sitting 29/30 for the Sybarite Achievement. Just played a game and the current event I’ve played so it didn’t count. This is whats holding me back from sweeping up the grindy achievements I have left (Seriously 3.0). PLEASE!

Thanks TC for actually doing something for the older games!

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There is a version of execution you should be able to play to pop the last credit. It’s the last option in the versus playlist.

What do you mean? Isnt it just Explosive FFA?

I think that user is confusing which game you are needing the event achievement for.

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On gears 3 no that isn’t it. It if your talking judgment, they said in the post that is broken permanently. (Probably)

I said Sybarite not Socialite and thats why I said I “hope” Monday it swaps.


Does anyone know what time Monday it would switch if it does? I’ll be checking as soon as it hits if I can.

Awesome work.
Any clue why my Seriously achievement still will not unlock in GearsUE?

I was reset several times but even my current kill count is over 12k.
(My actual kill count should be close to 38-40k.)

I had this issue on UE (PC)

Im hoping if I bother finishing it that it will still unlock

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When i got hit with a reset the first time in UE i was in the middle of a match when all of the sudden my control was no longer inverted and my sensitivity dropped back to default.

I exited the game at the end to check my settings and all of my progress was gone as well: Campaign collectibles, versus kills, wins, etc.

At least my gears3 reset booted me out of the match when it happened so it was more obvious. I got in the habit of saving profile backups on 360 so i had only lost a couple weeks with gears3 luckily.

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Anyone interested in getting together for Gears J. Achievements? Golden artifacts, some of those misc achievements related to ward and terminal on survival? Thanks in advance.

Are the old XP boosts active in Gears 2/3/J, @TC_Shauny?

If 3/J had XP boosts active before they broke, then yeah they’ll be active :slight_smile:

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@TC_Shauny finally event for Sybarite didnt rotate yesterday :frowning:

should we wait? any chance yet that the event can rotate?

thanks a lot


Yeah, we need to get syrabrite fixed. It’s been promised for years that a fix would come, yet nothings been done on the matter. Really hope that more can be done on the matter.

I am hoping also that 1 day Syrabrite is fixed. Even if we all had to pitch in $5-$10 to pay devs to fix.

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Hi above
For those of you that do not have the cheveo, why does it mean so much to you. I just don’t get it. It doesn’t come with a skin or such. It really means feck all…and I have it, got it the traditional way when the game first came out.

Honesty, just enjoy the game for the game :+1:

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If Judgment gets fix then I can get all the achievements.

Only missing Seriously in UE (Win 10 version) and Sybrite. Both suffered from reset issues which impacted on my ability to get them when relevant.


Tell me again why TC couldn’t just make the achievement, which is obviously broken, “pop” for everyone that loads the game?

Goodwill by alleviating a problem that’s persisted for years.