Gears 3/J issues fixed

Excellent news! Best thing I’ve seen in ages, well done :+1:

Now I’m just looking forward to Gears 3’s, hopefully, FPS Boost.

Combined with the graphical upgrade the Series X provides, which makes it even more beautiful than it already was, it’ll be entirely flawless.

Earlier had 3 games of Control (won 1) hated almost every minute of it. Mainly due to having to play with high pingers and awful lag compensation, or at least it seems that way.

just come off…played 3 games of KOTH on 3 (Sandbar, clock tower and BM) and I can’t stop smiling. Probably 85% full games.

Gears 3 is the absolute GOAT :+1::ok_hand:


nice, I got Sybarite thanks to TC back when they took over the franchise (2015?). The achievement was only supported by Epic for a year max, but TC managed to get someone to manually rotate the playlists each day for a few months.

So even while it sucks that it‘s no longer possible, you should blame Epic, not TC.

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Almost missed this thread! Hoping to see if we can get sybarite fixed for judgement!

My hate for them Continues justly

Wow! Thank you! Gonna go jump into Gears 3 now!

I have my fingers crossed the rotation starts up again for you and everyone else out there who is stuck with an unobtainable Sybarite.

It’s nice to see a little TLC for the legacy games.


I need help, I have been trying to unlock an achievement in Gears 4 that is unmissable for a long time, it is related to the progress of the story but no matter how many times I pass through that area it has never unlocked me and it is the only one that I need to have the game to 100%

I’m surprised by this. I thought they made everyone’s medal progress 29/30 like in Gears 3. So I’ve had the belief one more event change would be enough for everyone. Sad to see that isn’t the case. I really hope something can be done for you guys.


Anybody playing Gears 3/Judgment? Add me! A JACOB 19

Add me!

Add me! Let’s play!

ayy nice, maybe now i can find some beast mode games in 3.

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There‘s a separate thread for Gears UE/4/5 issues. The story related pops in 4 and the rotating playlist in Gears UE PC are still not fixed, but Shawny is aware.

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Thank you coalition I’m am very happy.

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Time for a bit of Overrun me thinks. Cheers

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Wow! Amazing news!

What a wonderful surprise!

Thank you TC!

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Still pumped! After my stay reset I thought it was over! I’d hug you if I could shauny

Thanks for the news. But does anyone know about an issue with their progress being lost?

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Happened to me…. Happened to a lot of people common gears 3 bug… if you’ve played a game or triggered any sort of progress save bar after you’ve seen you’ve been reset it’s over… have to start from scratch.