Gears 3/J issues fixed

Hey all, just a heads up that we’ve now fixed the following issues in Gears 3 and Judgment!

  • Player numbers now display across Gears 3 and J playlists
  • Weapon Balancing is now working once more (Inks no longer stun, etc)
  • Players can now play in event playlists once more
  • DLC content will now be working again across both games
  • Anyone who was a permanent Reaper in Gears Judgment will now have that access restored

Note: Regarding the Sybarite achievement we’re unable to do anymore updates to Gears Judgment, meaning that the event playlist currently on ‘Exploding FFA’ may persist forever.

Thanks for sticking with us on this! We hope this is some good news regarding them :smiley:


Thanks a ton. I know there’ve been people wanting this, and I’d just assumed it would never be fixed.

Great job, TC.


Omg! Thanks so much!!! This is incredible and I almost missed this post!

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Wonderful news, big thank you to the team from all the fans, it will be wonderful to see Gears 3 and Judgment back to their full glory again!


What did they do to gears 3?

Can they tone down that retro ?

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60fps mode on Series X/S would be great


Good to see the legacy love. People can complain it is late, but these games are from a bygone era so any time put into them is appreciated.

As soon as i hear anything regarding UE - Win 10 being fixed up I will be sure to load that up on my pc


thaks a lot @TC_Shauny. Great work!!
I hope Sybarite can be fixed also.

While it’s great other things were fixed this has been a major issue since TC took over.

Incredibly disappointing to read this bit.


While I totally understand that, it was raised but sadly there is no environment that exists to do updates for Gears Judgment, it was essentially closed out years ago (before Gears 4) and there’s no current plan to try and set that all back up again to try and sort that.

As I mentioned there’s a “chance” the event could rotate on Monday, but we’ll have to wait and see.


Thanks for the follow up, I do appreciate that :slight_smile:

The other issue is the way the achievement works.

Each event has a hidden ribbon in the background, and you need all 30 distinct ribbons, 1 per event.

When it rotated weekly if you missed week 1, you would be able to get it week 31 for example
Of if you only missed week 5, you would need to wait to week 35 to get it

Rotating the events may not in effect really help users as they would have no way of knowing which of the hidden ribbons they are missing. To put it another way if someone is at 27/30 they could play a dozen rotated events and see no progress.

If it all possible this should just be made to pop when a user logs in.


Thanks for the work TC, Please implement the FPS BOOST to these games the community will be eternally grateful

@TC_Shauny is the update up now?

Sure is!


Thank you for everything :smiley: You are the best i hope the event will change the next week

Would love an FPS boost on gears of war 3

Still an unbelievable game when I hop on now and again now.

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“Player numbers now display across Gears 3 and J playlists”

Is this the total concurrent players count for each mode?
If so, that would be awesome.

Also, I wonder if we can have this for Gears 5 too :slight_smile:

Will there be any updates to gears 4? For example achievement tracking/Register in game….I’m working on this one achievement where you complete a round fast in either dodgeball, execution or CTL but the servers or whatever take awhile to notice it / unlock the achievement

dont forget the gears ultimate for pc achievement fix if possible :grin::+1: