Gears 3 horde

Ok peeps gears 5 is trying the patience of a saint ! be happy to host a game on 3…difficulty is dependant on players n what they want…if interested let me know…fun game n how hard u want it is up to the players :grin:also happy to stream this game…twitch or mixer​:sunglasses:

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Add me

Ok michael ur in m8

Waiting for the add

In the pub will do it 2moz m8

I play it all the time, I play Gears 3 all the time :wink:

Ok duffman…u want a game m8…its a friendly game open to first 4 peeps who want to play…difficulty is whatever im not fussed :grin:


I will be attempting to play 2.0 at around 13:15 (30 odd mins away) I say attempting as I will be in a public lobby. Anyone from here fancy a game :wink:

Just seen this duff…i would have joined…look me up anytime though👍just looked u up n added you duff

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Nice one. I posted some clips. Only 3 of us on Aftermath from the off but we got to wave 30 before the Lambent Zerker finished us off

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Good effort

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