Gears 3/ Gears Judgment

I saw on Twitter today that they made updates to Gears 3 and Gears Judgment. Is it seriously worth revisiting? I could’ve sworn that the last time I tried to re-play Gears 3 few months back, no one was playing. It would be sweet If they gave an FPS boost for both of those games. If it’s worth revisiting, I will have to see what games to remove, because my console is at capacity for storage space.

P.S I friggin love beast mode on Gears 3, literally preferred that over horde.

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I’d hold off on that for a bit.

Played TDM yesterday with a buddy and got into a game faster than I would on Gears 5 lol there was about 300 people playing TDM but no one playing wingman sadly. Yes, I got retro lancered.

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That’s actually a solid number. I may install it since it’s less than 10 gigs. & I know how you feel, lol it tears my heart that no one likes wingman, seeing as it is leagues ahead of 2v2 gnasher. But, oh well.


are they trying to trash the game? everytime i log onto gow3 nowadays the game is dead, no one is playing it

I can’t find PvP matches in GOW 3 or GOW J either.

I was lucky to find one horde match on GOW 3.

But before even wave 1 could start, three players quit.

I see posts about players wanting to go back to GOW 3 or GOW J, but I can’t find matches.

I really want to play GOW 3 and GOW J…

If anyone’s playing Gears 3 or Judgement add me!


This is strange, I can always (actually not totally true, I can always find games after 20:00uk) get a match of KOTH and TDM, social but with 90% full lobbies.
I’m a big KOTH player and would say there about 200 of us that still play the mode weekly.

Every other pvp mode is dead, you are correct there. As for PvE, again a hard-core does exist but as you say LOTS of quitters.

As for J. It has a very healthy Overrun community and a hard-core Survival one, as for pvp, pretty much totally dead.

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Just had my stats reset on Gears 3 as well… welp there goes 20 + Onyx medals… :sweat:

B-B-B-B-BUT at least you still have Griffin & Valera skins!

Just to update my original reply. , just played a game of KOTH on 3… 1 player in my region (UK AND 3am!) 35 worldwide, the game was FULL :wink:

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Maybe the time at which I search might be an issue as to why I can’t find matches.

I’ll try searching for KOTH matches on Gears 3.