Gears 3 disappeared from library (Main thread, awaiting TC response)

I noticed a thread on Reddit of Gears 3 disappearing from someones library and no longer being accessible . I thought Id check my copy was still in my Xbox One library and likewise my digital copy (came free with Gow4) has also gone.

Can anyone who owns Gow3 digital version check that its still in their library as it seems to have vanished for a few of us.

Edit, when trying to launch the game from the store it gives the “do you own this game” message
Edit 2, its also gone from GamePass (Console), but is still on the mobile app


Same thing happened to me actually on this very day. Not sure what is up with this.
The game also doesn’t show up in my library anymore.

Shows up on Gamepass app.

Will check my library later.

yeah, shows in the app for me also although fails to install), it must be an issue on the console side

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For me it’s on game pass and in my library but doesn’t start up. Says I have to sign in with the account that purchased it even though I’m on that.

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Can you guys forward?

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I have messaged TC, asking if they are aware.

It may be that its pulled to have some back compatibility work, but that is just a guess.

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I can confirm - I thought it was an individual issue and spent about 1.5hrs in chat with Xbox Support. Nope. In the store, it says I have to buy the game, and on, all links just refresh the page.

Point_decay, my Gears 3 is still in my game list installed.

Perhaps having a physical copy would fix the issue?

I have a physical copy myself, so if it says i need to buy it, i can always use my disc.

-Bring back the OG Gnasher!

Just checked, still in my library on xbox but get error code 0x82d40003, gm wont play.

Edit gears 2 works, dont have gears1 installed to try.

I swear if Microsoft’s new xbox updates are causing this, I’ll want to ask them why they keep updating an old xbox one that’s not even X or S.

Like why do we need random updates when it should only be for the new console instead…

-Bring back the OG Gnasher!

Maybe its more popular than gears 5🤔


Checked gears 3 earlier today and it says I’m not own it. , Has it on gamepass, but some people saying it’s gone for them

Definitely not working digitally :sob::sob:. I’m trying now. Asking me if I own it… Luckily I have the actual disc, will give that a go.

This is a MAJOR problem, it will not even run the actual disc. WTF


I haven’t gotten a response yet, nor seen anything on their official social media pages.

Will update when I hear or see something.


I need Gears 3 in my life daily, even my virtually non verbal autistic Son is saying “Gears if War 3” meaning he wants me to play it.

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UPDATE: It will now let me run the game via disc, but still not the digital version.

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Thanks for the update. At least there is a workaround for some people while we wait for an official response :slight_smile:

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Hi, I have the same issue. Bought The ultimate edition of GOW4 with the steel bundle and all the previous GOW games included.
All the other games launch.
Not the third.
I thought it was a personnal issue , but no one dares to answer any question, so I became to be bored and not very kind with them.
I wish there will be an issue, as I bought it. And telling me don’t is like robbery to me.

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