Gears 2 UE Wishlist/Ideas/etc. (Strap In, It's A Long Thread)

I’m bored, so I’m doing one of these threads again. Just throwing a bunch of ideas out there & whatnot.
So, Gears 1 UE was pretty great, but there was a lot of very minor nitpicks I had. Just stuff that’s ultimately inconsequential, stuff along the line of A.I. improvements & whatnot.
For example:

  • Squadmates can be awful/brain dead lmao, I would’ve liked that to have been worked on a bit more
  • Random, but I would’ve liked RAAM to have a close range insta-kill (Gutted execution) for anyone who runs straight up to him for some reason lol; I mean, if they did that, they’d most likely get shredded by his Troika so why not make it look cool?
  • Just other little, subtle things, like when they shout “There’s a Spotter”, have the Drone actually wearing a Spotter helmet. Ya know, stuff that’s honestly unimportant, but it’d still be a nice touch.

So yeah, sorry for the long intro. But, basically this thread is just gonna be stuff like that. Something for me to throw my ideas out into the universe & you guys to drop stuff here as well.
People obviously want a Gears 2 UE, and eventually a 3 as well, so why not make something for TC to (hopefully) glance over & see what people would want from it. Because, I wouldn’t mind if Gears 2 UE was just a 1 to 1 remake with better graphics. But, I would personally like just a tad more from it & I’ll go into what I mean by that.

BOSS FIGHTS -So, just to get this one out of the way, ya know, rip the bandaid off right away. Some of the boss fights in this game are a bit lackluster imo, I would propose tweaking them a bit.

  • Skorge: For the most part, the fight can stay the same. Maybe make the chainsaw battles a bit more unique and cinematic (in terms of camerawork) or something like that. And give him a Gorgon SMG, cuz why not? Also, give him a less goofy running animation when he’s firing it lol.
    Now once we get to the Hydra. It crashes through the wall to pick up Skorge, but instead of dipping immediately, maybe we have a little firefight with it. Functionality-wise, it’d probably be similar to a Kestrel fight. We unload into it for a bit and THEN it retreats & Delta runs to the Reaver pen.

  • Corpser v Brumak: The Brumak ride is SICK. One of the coolest sections in all of Gears of War. It’s super cool to see him kick the Corpser’s ■■■. But, you know what’d make it even cooler? Doing more than just tapping B for 4 seconds lol.
    Something simple like a God Of War-esque styled QTE would suffice. Nothing too long or crazy, but also more than a quick power struggle. Have them throw haymakers at each other, then the Brumak grabs a leg, slams him and launches some rockets to finish the job, etc, etc.

  • Lambent Brumak: Alright, so… this dude’s cool and everything. But, you know it, I know it. Not a super compelling battle, especially for the final piece of gameplay in the game. It’s like 15 seconds max.
    My proposal? Literally anything extra to prolong it just a bit lol. I’d say put some little blister things (like the pods on Lambent Stalks) on it that you have to gun down with your Lancer before Hammering it. Work your way around as the Raven as flying around it.

  • LOCUST* -aesthetic/lore stuff and whatnot
  • Spotters: very minor thing, but putting a Spotter Drone next to each Troika Gunner would be a neat touch lol. It’s such a gnarly helmet, I’d like to see it officially implemented into the game’s story.

  • Locust Hunters: idk, they’ve just got a cool helmet too lmao. Throw a couple in during the battle in Jacinto so I can see their pointy rhino hats.

  • Beast Rider: We see a couple of different ones. A Drone in a Landown cutscene (and all future games). A Grenadier in PvP & a Grenadier Elite in most sections of the campaign & Horde.
    Bring 'em all into MP. That is all.

  • The Lambent: I would imagine their appearances don’t get altered too much. I was gonna say replace the Gren who “absorbs” the Imulsion with a fully mutated Lambent Gren, but I don’t know if that’s canonically accurate.
    One thing I would change for sure is when the liquid flies up into him, I’d change it to fumes instead. Like he’s pulling in the imulsion fumes.

  • Lambent Brumak: Now on the topic of the Lambent, I’d actually probably alter this guy’s look a bit. Darken his color & change his skin texture to better match the look of the Stalks & Drudges from 3. Maybe make his mouth(s) glow yellow as well.

  • Palace Guards: They were originally a shiny shade of bronze, they’ve since been changed to gold. For this, I’d like them to go back to that original color. It fits so much nicer with the color scheme of the Palace itself.

  • Kantus: In Gears 2, these dudes originally had blue & bronze robes. It has since been changed to black & red. Now me? I say f*** it. Make 'em both canon.
    The black & red? These are the “battle robes”, I’ve decided. Kantuses wearing these are seen on the surface & the outer Hollow (so, the first few acts)
    The OG blue & bronze? We can make these the royal “palace robes”. We only see these once we reach Nexus. These are their “I’m chilling at home” robes lmao.

  • Stalker Kantus: Speaking of Kantus, we have this guy that’s been brought into the Gears world. We know nothing about them. Hell, not even TC knows if they’re canon yet.
    Fret not, I’ve got some headcanon for you all lol.
    Let’s say these guys are the precursors to the Armored Kantus. There are only a handful & they are among the rarest Locust to ever exist. Much like their name implies, they are incredibly elusive, not unlike the Theron Elites (of which we’ve only ever seen/heard of one).
    Now finally, what does all this have to do with a Gears 2 remake lol? There’s a section right before you meet the Queen that’s just an onslaught of Palace Guards. It’d be cool to throw a single Stalker in there with them during the final wave. But, instead of the black with gold trim color scheme, he’ll be the same color as the Palace Guards. Make that one canon & just rename the black skin we have now to Gilded Stalker, since that’s basically what it is.
    He could be equipped with a Gorgon SMG, just to add a bit more to his uniqueness. I like the idea only the most elite of the Locust have access to the fully automatic Gorgon lol.
    So, I reiterate: F*** it. Make 'em canon.

  • Skorge: continuing on with the Kantuses, Skorge looks a bit different now than he did in Gears 2. I’m actually kinda on the fence about whether I’d like a more classic look for him, or the newer look with the glowing red eyes and whatnot.
    Also, make his death a little more brutal & definitive. I always thought him basically getting rolled by fall damage was a pretty lame way to go. Make him explode or get impaled or something.
    Either that or pull some retcon action & have some Drones approach his body as Delta flies off. Then make a comic about him recovering but ultimately being finished off by another squad in between Gears 2 & 3 or something, idk. They could use that as way provide a little more story for characters like Clayton, Sam, Jace, Alex, etc.

  • Myrrah: keep her looking as close to her OG Gears 2 model as possible, since that one clearly has the superior face. Don’t fight me on this, you’re wrong lmao.
    Make her neck shorter though, cuz oh my god.

HUMANS -something something something

  • Chaps: Was a not a fan of his redesign in UE. I’d say make him look a little more like his original self.
    Or suffer his wrinkly, old wrath.

  • Prescott: Maybe just slightly alter the face. His current head in Gears 5 looks a bit too wide.
    Idk, what you’d do about his voice though. Leave the OG in the campaign & use Liam O’Brien for MP? Or just leave him out of MP altogether? Who knows.

  • COG Soldiers: Now that we have so many different types, a little variation in certain scenarios (like the march scene) would be nice. Kinda like the end cutscene from Gears 3. There’s a bunch of mixing & matching there.

  • Clayton & Sam: It’d be neat to have their Hollow Storm outfits be their default attire. I mean, if they’re even in multiplayer that is.

  • Jace Stratton: So, obviously he has a tiny cameo here. My suggestion is to either leave his voice as is & then use that same VA if they ever decide to make a Gears 3 UE.
    Or recast him altogether & use that new VA for both 2 & 3. Cuz I imagine MBJ is hard to get ahold of & don’t like him as Jace that much to begin with lol.

WEAPONS -Obviously the weapons should remain relatively unchanged, with two slight exceptions:

  • Gorgon Pistol: The burst variant would be remain unchanged.
    The SMG variant would be campaign only, basically. Skorge & the aforementioned Stalker Kantus would be the only ones to wield it.
    Like I said before, I think it’d be a cool idea if only a select few of Locust Elites had access to the SMG variant before the flood.

  • Hammerburst: So, obviously the HB has been all over the place throughout the series.
    I mean, we had the burst-fire Mark 1 in Gears 1
    The semi-auto Mark 2 in Gears 2
    The iron sight semi-auto Mark 2 in Gears 3
    The iron sight semi-auto Mark 2 in Judgement
    Then the burst-fire Mark 2 in Gears 4, 5 & Tactics
    Would you rather them keep the Hammy as it was in the OG Gears 2?
    Or try to make up some convoluted reason as to why there’s like 4 different variants of it?
    Maybe even make a way to switch between burst-fire & semi-auto, idk.
    Or uhh… idk. It’s hard to come up with something, tbh.
    Inconsistencies like that are a b*tch for a lore buff lmao.
    Probably just better to leave it as is, actually.


  • Road To Ruin should probably be added to the full campaign. Kinda like how they did with the Brumak fight chapter in Gears 1 UE.


  • Leave it alone, it’s perfect.


  • Horde: I’m guessing we should keep this as is. Maybe add in a few extra enemies or variation. Or boss waves, even. What do y’all think?

  • Versus: I’ll leave this one to y’all. You guys get intense about PvP lmao.
    Basically would you guys like them to keep all the original game modes? Or just kinda narrow it down? For example, keep both Annex & KOTH? Or just use our current version of KOTH? Maybe add modes?
    For maps, I think all launch maps plus the DLC ones is a given.
    And again, when it comes to tuning, that’s up to y’all lol. I personally don’t care too much, I can usually adapt.

But yeah, I think I got everything I wanted to cover? If you actually made it this far, definitely feel free to add your thoughts. What would you like to see from a Gears 2 Remaster/Ultimate Edition? Drop your ideas no matter how subtle or how massive of an impact they’d make, etc, etc.

Btw, I might eventually do one of these brainstorming/wishlist things for Gears 3 UE & a Gears Judgement remake. The latter would be a LONG one. Y’all thought THIS thread was long? You ain’t seen sh*t, pardner. With Judgement, I’d essentially be rewriting the entire game lmao.
Anyway, I’m finally done now.

Gears 2 already had a ton of variation, gears wore all 3 variations of the COG helmet. But including cog females because I dont recall seeing any in the cutscenes would be great.

They would be, UE included the most popular characters into that game (even though Jace and Adam Fenix made it and I really doubt they were actually all that popular.)

They wouldn’t change the music, UE was left as is.

I like the idea of little touches that seem small but add to the lore and continuity of the series.

The trouble with remastering Gears 2 is it will just make me want TC to write more stories tied to the Locust war over continue writing about the Swarm threat.

Multiplayer will be even more divisive if they make it the same as it was in the original. I can’t recall the title update number which was the most praised but even then I think players will hate how slow it is.

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There has been like four Gears 2 remaster threads today… did I miss something?

On topic of the thread… I hope if we do get a remaster of Gears 2 they tweak the story slightly so that it makes more sense and is better in line with where the series has went. For example, we see the drone get shot in Nexus and turn into a puddle of imulsion and slip away… that never happens again in the series and seems out of place.


Gears 5 is gonna be pulled off life support soon so everybody and their moms are asking for a gears 2 remaster until gears 6 comes out.

Yep, they did that in UE so I’m sure itll happen if 2 does happen.

Makes sense, it is a very safe bet that Gears 6 is a 2023-2024 release. I still having a lot of fun playing Gears 5 so I think I will be satiated for a while still, but part of that fun is having other people to play with, so hopefully they stick around.

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I will most likely stick around, until halo infinite. But even then, gears scratches the pvp itch that no other game can fill in.

Even gears 5 does that for me and I have alot of feeling regarding that :joy:

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Straight facts right here.

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I can wait for gears 6, people are too impatient imo.

Weve had back to back 2-3 year gears games for the last 15 years. I think it’s time we wait a little while.

I think Microsoft really felt the hit when they launched Gears 5 in the state they did. You can see how cautious they are now being with Halo: Infinite. Hopefully they will award TC as much time as they need to release the perfect game. Including an amazing level of polish, a UI that gets it right from the get-go and tuning that is based off the entire communities feedback, not just the 50 people who play the game professionally.

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I’m glad halo infinite is having a release like that, it’s so refreshing and hopeful to see Bungie and 343 rejoice over their favorite franchise, like infinite mostly has positive reviews from the beta.

I hope to see the same with gears 6 so I’m pushing for a farther release date, maybe TC works better with more time? It can’t hurt to try you know?

Plus as fans, its healthy to get time away from things we love.

Wouldn’t surprise me if we did see a remaster before gears 6.

And I’d welcome it with open arms :rofl::rofl:

The studio they complain and insult made a game that they hate. So of course, they are begging that same studio to remake a game they do like. Because logic!

If you didn’t like 5 and have no faith in TC, why would you expect the same team to make a good remake?

Because of this


True, but I’d like some armor variation as well. You can see some of the different armor in this cutscene, specifically at 5:52

That’d be cool too. But, not like a ton, cuz there’s an actual in-game reason as to why there aren’t loads of female soldiers years after E-Day.


Gears in a nutshell.

Massive coincidence, I guess. The people want what they want lmao.

Yeah, I think it’d be better to change the flying puddle into Imulsion fumes. Much easier to explain why it just ascends up the lift and into the other Drone lol.

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