Gears 2 Remaster! Please

Me personally Gears 2 was an amazing games yes they didnt have the bugs fixed in it therewas some big problems with the game but on the other had look atthe gears 2 segmant on gears 4 it was BEAUTIFUL point made that the coalition could bring back gears 2 in a savage revenge i firmly believe this so please gears community can we make gears 2 come back


Since Gears 5 is out this year, I don’t think a Gears 2 Remaster would happen until 2-3 years.

Even then, TC have said they don’t intend to do one and instead made Gears 2 & 3 backwards compatible with a One X patch for better visuals.

Best we are going to get for a while I think.

I think Gears 2 was my favorite. Would love to see it remastered.


4 > UE > 2 > 1 > 3 > J

That’s the order :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::+1:

Hate it when people be knockin on Judgment when Ive seen MUCH more complainin and whining when it came to Gears 4. Judgment was a fun spin-off and has some modes that people are BEGGING to have in Gears 5. Honestly I just don’t get it. I love each Gears game for what they are even though every one of them has some issues.

They could just pull a Halo MCC and compile all Gears games onto one disc, upgrade every one visually for the X1X, or just take all the modes/maps dating back to Gears 1 and put them all in horde/MP on 5… that’d shut everyone up, I think.


Gears 3 second to last? What are you smoking :rofl:


Judgement was terrible,

As was Halo 5.

Gears 3 was terrible, 4 is so much better in every way and UE is far more enjoyable. Even 2 is much better.

Pretty much why 3 is second to last.

How was it terrible though? I know it’s your opinion I’m just wondering what makes you feel like that.

Just felt “off”.

Didn’t really feel like Gears, actually felt the least like Gears. The movement, the blockiness of the characters, idk, I just could not get into it.

I wouldn’t put any Gears games in order. There are a lot of things I love AND hate about each one, but id still play them all. But that’s probably just me. Some people set the bar too high (cough Epic Games) or expect a new one to be the same as the old one. Honestly what could you not like about Overrun/FFA/etc? Gears 4 (and 5 hopefully) needs more variety like those, and not just difference in difficulties.

Btw, I stopped playin Halo after the Reach one. That was my favorite one (yes even after Halo 2 lmao).



Movement in J was bad, the button layout is a nightmare, the instant gun switching didn’t feel right & the MP and maps just weren’t fun at all.

Halo 4 was ok, a little bland but still Halo.

Idk what 5 was meant to be.

Edit: add in the dullest campaign of them all too. Felt just like a grind from one area to the next.

I’ll at least say 3 had a good campaign mode.

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I believe TC said they wouldn’t make a gears 2 remaster


There said it several times.

When I played Judgement, I had no idea it had such a bad rep and I really enjoyed it. My wife felt the same. Some things were more intelligent, others not so much. We actually liked it a lot better than 4 when we were just playing campaigns. The characters were interesting, as was the story. One thing about the Gears community is that they don’t like change.

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Dude, that is crazy

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TC doesn’t understand what the people want. They still haven’t proven themselves worthy of developing Gears, especially after two atrocious games in a row. I don’t think this will ever come out, and if it does it may be too late for this franchise

? UE is a great game and when the mp was populated it was brilliant.

Atrocious is a very strong word, I wouldn’t have said either games were that.

3 is still the pinnacle for me. I did play some 2 last week, Koth and war zone , no one else playing though.

Well, in comparison to Gears 3 it’s absolutely atrocious. Poor matchmaking, rehashed maps/characters, horrible lag compensation, or split tunings, I could go on. I know Gears 3 has set a really high bar, but they really let us down here

You mention 2 atrocious games, did you mean UE as I assume your response is purely based on 4 ?

3 is indeed a high bar. I play it several times a week. However it is very hit and miss, more miss it pains me to say.
It can run wonderful and when it does, that is all I need. Unfortunately it runs very badly 70% of the time, that with host migration can be very frustrating.