Gears 2 Remaster NOT Happening

Watch it happen now.

everytime i talked to OCtus i asked him about Gears 2 and 3 remasters (off the record ,we would stop recording out meetings with him when the GFC was doing our thing when we were done with GFC business) and he always gave the same answer …

TC is not able to do a remaster of Gears 2 and 3 because they use the OLD unreal engine and the new games use the new unreal engine ,inorder for the games to be done as remaster every thing would have to built from scratch and that would take years to do as TC doesnt have the resources to do it , they want to devote the resources they have to the future of gears not its past …

While that answer makes sense, that guy had a lot of issues and only had a short run with the company.

I’d have to go back and look at the remakes for Halo and such, but I really doubt it’s as involved as indicated or very few games would ever have remakes.


I don’t doubt this for a second though. It’s their complete disrespect and ignorance in regards to the past that has caused them to do so much damage to the Franchise.

I think it’s also that it’s a lot harder to sell a new 60$ Gears game or sell people on Game Pass over a remaster rather than a new AAA next-gen sequel.

Something new, even if it doesn’t look all that incredible, leads people to fill in blanks and give themselves hope. If they just remaster old games, people know exactly what they’re getting. I made a thread about the possibility of revamping the OGs if they remastered them, to add more modern additions like making Jack playable in Co-Op, or perhaps adding character-abilities ala Hivebusters. Of course not so different that it would take away from the original… but something new to bring people in as the Resident Evil remakes had done.

Although my theory is just that nobody wants to make a 4k HDR, massive worm sphincter for Delta to pass through again.

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It just had to be you that replied, of all the available cretins. This early in the morning too. Alright…

Well I get what you’re saying in regards to a remaster, hello UE, but that’s definitely different to a mega super-duper new AAA next-gen Cleventastic sequel.
What I’m getting at is the drastic changes to a very familiar formula that gives a golden :fu: to the Veterans of the community, i.e. how each game has made small changes since the original, getting better each time. Much like the immaculate Batman: Arkham series.
Obviously, the original games had many faults. I remember being General RAAM in rag doll on the steps of Blood Drive, if I didn’t spawn on a frag tag. But you still recognised it and again, it felt familiar.

The Coalition actually managed this with Gears 4. Excluding the problems initially, the design of the game and its mechanics was great. It was a clear sequel and upgrade to Gears 3, with some new features like cover-mounting instantly from roadie running and the knife execution. New additions that flawlessly blended in with the pace of the game. Minuscule but enough to keep loyal fans of the previous games happy. Similar to the immaculate Batman: Arkham games which greatly improved with each sequel (excluding Origins which was good in its own right though).

Unfortunately, as well all know, they got too cocky with Gears 5 and totally deviated from this path and all they had learned during Gears of War 4’s lifespan. Choosing to take inspiration from that heresy Gears of War: Judgment. The changes are obvious and you are well aware so I really don’t need to re-type anti-Gears 5 paragraphs I haven’t done pleeeenty of times before.

I get this as, believe it or not, I was genuinely excited about Gears 5. I waited ages for the Tech Test to load. It was great until the match loaded and I took control of the character to realise the button changes. After several strokes I returned to Gears of War 4 to restore my sanity enough to log in here and share my pain.

Anyway, like I said before, I’m not talking about direct remasters of previous games….even though a proper Gears of War 3 remaster would be beyond glorious.

Haha! Good one! Gears 5 features infecting the sanctity of the originals! You almost had me there, I’ll admit.

Oooh, Resident Evil. I definitely do not disagree there. I absolutely loved the originals, completing that absolutely horrific invisible enemy/bombvest Zombie mode. But at the same time, while I found Resident Evil 4 was great, I absolutely loved Resident Evil 5 and invested an unholy amount of hours into it. I got it again when it was rereleased for new consoles. I was well aware it was very far from the horror survival theme the Franchise is known for, but being a massive fan of Albert Wesker it did not matter.

Anyway, the Resident Evil 6 demo came out and I can’t put into words how disappointed I was. What a disgrace of a game. It’s the only main line Resident Evil game I don’t own. It went far too far into the action style it’d been leaning towards over the previous years. Sure Leon’s campaign was great but it didn’t save the game.

Thank goodness for the sequel’s new direction and the remakes of 2 and 3. 3 was a bit of a let down, which was very annoying as I loved that original. It was just too short but meh.

Oh I think there’s a good few on these forums that would argue otherwise!

Besides, who wouldn’t want to hear Marcus go m”GIANT WORRRMM!!” again?

……and it goes without saying that I’d definitely venture through absolutely everything of that work in 4K HDR to see our glorious Queen in 4K HDR :heart_eyes:.

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Oh I totally agree with this. I just think it might be better to push on anyways rather than getting something that just bastardizes the OGs. UE was okay, but on Series X/S, I’ve replayed 2&3 and honestly don’t really feel like they need a remaster. Other than online servers I don’t feel the like itch that asks me to see what I’m looking at in HD, unless it acted as a sort of benchmark or tech test for Unreal 5. That would be the best way to do it, imo.

I’m confused here. Do you mean remake vs remaster? Like Gears UE is a remake, whereas something like Darksiders 2 “Deathinitive” edition is a remaster that just upscales the existing graphics?

Or do you mean to totally remake the OG trilogy kind of like what Call of Duty has done?

This is mainly what I meant. Never played the originals or 5/6. Just parts of 7, 8 and the remakes. But it’s my understanding that the remakes aren’t just prettier, but actually brand-new games based on the originals, right?

I hope she’s missing the neck collar like on Black Steel Myrrah.

I made this bad video, about why I don’t want a remaster of the original trilogy but at the end of the day I think it’s just that Gears has fallen off and it’s not looking very good in any direction.

They could remake the OGs, and it might be bad. Like MCC at launch bad. Or it could be just another remaster in a sea of games from 2005-2010 being brought back for easy sales.

They could make a sequel, and it might be on the same level as Gears 5, or it could attempt a safe return to form like 4, or against all odds go in a truly invigorating direction and revamp the series in a way that’s faithful to the classics.

Either way my money is on pretty–but underwhelming remake or safe, people-pleasing sequel. Why I’d rather see TC given a check to make something original in a new IP, something that plays Gears-adjacent but doesn’t have the expectation of playing like Gears, which in turn would hopefully just give us another inventive game.

But we’ll see.

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GoW4 is the most overrated GoW. The game has insane flinch, smokes everywhere, and stopping power on a shotgun. I literally thought I liked it more than Gow5 until I went back and played it.

Agreed. It’s definitely not a necessity. I’ve not tried them yet, as I outright refuse to leave Gears 5 until it’s 100% (it’s been well over a year…), but I have watched video clips and seen screenshots. Gears 2 looks fine and 3 definitely doesn’t need any remake. The servers being upgraded/active would be nice though.

Neither :joy:. I’m just talking about sequels i.e. Gears 6.

Her…heress…heeee…. No, I won’t say it. Be strong, Kaz.

Well I’d definitely recommend playing the originals despite their age! Absolute classics. I’m guessing when you say remakes you’re including the GameCube remake of the first game? The Spencer Mansion was gorgeous.

Oh and you need to try Resident Evil 4 and 5. Both were very enjoyable, the latter moreso for me but still. You can leave 6.


Currently in work so I don’t have the time to watch the video unfortunately. I’m not all too bothered about the remaking of the games. I wouldn’t say no but I’m happy with the 1080p 60fps upgrade. As said above, all that would be needed now is server improvements.

After the overwhelmingly terrible decisions that came with Gears 5, I’d seriously like to think they’ll play it safe. They have to in order for this Franchise to make any kind of comeback. They did well with aspects of the game such as PvE in its current state, save for the bugs. So hopefully they do what they didn’t do the last time and dismiss all that they’ve learned during the life time of the previous game.

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That REALLY worries me, cause when TC made gow4, they played it safe. I fear that gears 6 is gonna be soooo safe, it’s just gonna be the campaign, horde & one PvP mode, like team deathmatch or whatever.

If we could just get the next gears with the story on par with gow1-3, horde 3.0ish, overrun 2.0, escape 2.0, maybe beast 2.0, customization on par with gears 5 (after TC added all the character variants), a war journal and medal/ribbon system like gow3’s and a collection of a handful of the best PvP modes from every game…. I’d never ask for another thing in life. This is crazy wishful thinking, I know, but I still hope for it to happen one day…


Good games don’t meet some checklist.

Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty are great examples of this.

The best games are made of passion. You listen to someone like Hugo Martin, Cory Barlog, hell even Cliffy B back in the day and you can feel that passion and creative flow. On the opposite side, listen to any dev interviews for the biggest games, I think Todd Howard is big for this. He sells you on the ideas and the checkmarks these games have, not on why the game is special or why he cares about it, into why you should care about it.

They could make Gears 6 feature a Campaign, Horde, Versus, Overrun, etc. Won’t make it good. I think we boil down the best parts of these games and expect that bringing those back will save them.

People think the parkour is what made Assassin’s Creed, but I’d put money on “Mirage,” to be a sub-par game like the rest that have come recently. The thing that drives these projects are the people.

I go back and fourth on this in my own mind because that’s not a simple answer either. Rod Fergusson, Cliffy B, these are no longer the same guys that made Gears of War (2005-2013). Cliffy B is kinda like the guy who “got out of the game,” and wrote a book or two of his experience but obviously he’s got a lot going on personally that holds back his teams and projects from being anything more than cluttered.

Rod isn’t into Gears anymore, you can see during the press tour for Gears 5 at E3 2019 and before, he’s similar to what I said about Todd Howard, he’s reading a list of slogans to get you interested but it doesn’t feel like he cares.

This is where you get people like Dana who are in it for the job (“Like Halo 3 on the PS3?”) and are so far removed it seems like it should be on a sitcom. Same goes for the AC Valhalla devs who were butthurt about their cluttered UI being crapped on in the wake of Elden Ring’s seamless fidelity and UI systems.

We won’t get a good Gears game “on par,” with Gears 1-3 until someone with passion is in charge, someone who really cares. Hell, maybe that is a reason to bring Cliffy back but it wouldn’t be the same as the OGs, in that case it may be a good game… but not Gears as everyone knows it. Sorta the situation with Judgement/Gears 5. I’ve been saying it for awhile now because it’s true.

Checklists and Studios don’t make good games. People do. Fans do.

And right now Gears of War doesn’t have anyone backing it but executives and employees. Not passion.
Ironically the thing I can compare TC to the most is the COG.


I know, but sometimes we get lucky. I’ve been hurting for a gears game to be good enough that it has just enough of the good stuff to make it fun to play and good enough for the devs to not abandon so quick into its short lifespan.

I kinda gotta disagree with that statement. While I agree about most COD games, you can see the passion’s returned in the campaign side of things in the “reboots” of modern warfare 1 & 2.

As for AC, while there’s bloat added into assassins creed games as of late, they still have their good sides. Really, Valhalla is the only recent game where the story has been not as interesting to me (even tho it’s done by the team who did black flag - a great AC game). People would argue it’s good with lots of filler. I personally haven’t played all of it to say it’s good/bad, but I’ve played enough to say it’s fun just not my cup of tea. Before that, Odyssey was pretty good and Origins was amazing! The myth that AC games are trash now comes from most who either played the ezio era of AC games then skipped to now and don’t like the more heavily RPG style elements or just listen to others say all AC games are bad now without playing them. As someone who tries to play every AC game to completion, the yearly release schedule that got to be too much by the time of Unity and Syndicate was the tipping point, but as they slowed down the release schedule, Origins really brought it back and the franchise is full of more games that are good than bad. AC games being a “checklist” isn’t quite accurate since the formula has been changing as soon as the community makes it known something is too much.

I’ve never heard ppl who like the franchise and play most/all AC games say this. The one that had the closest thing to parkour was Unity and it was the catalyst for change in the franchise. This was the one that “went too big” which led to syndicate scaling it back. Then it changed to not be a yearly release, focusing more on good storytelling. The “RPG trilogy” of Origins, Odyssey and Valhalla have been the last batch that fans deem “too big”, so that’s why we’re getting mirage with its scaled back focus on a more linear game, like it used to be. The main character is a unique one, so the opportunity to tell a great story is there alongside the opportunity to have a more focused game that cuts down on the bloat. It could potentially be a great AC game if done right, so I’ll reserve judgment til it’s release.

Very true. Also, not always. One of the better batman games, Batman Arkham Origins, was made by a company just filling a quota until Arkham Knight released. The WB team on Origins werent making a game with passion in mind and it turned out to be a great game. Not very common, but it happens, has happened before and likely will happen again with the dead space remake.

The best games are made of passion, but it’s not always the case. We can get lucky. Things can possibly align with gears 6 and a “good enough” game could be the result. Not counting on it since we all know how TC and everyone are currently, but that’s why I said “wishful thinking” at the end of my other comment. I’m trying to be hopeful, and if Rod’s “vision” that was gears 5 doesn’t stain any part of gears 6, it could very well be a better game on multiple levels. Fingers crossed (but not getting hopes up).

Sadly, true. And yes, this definitely worries me. I’ve been unhappy with the way things have been since gow4 tbh. Do I punish myself and put time into these games released under TC? Yea, but it’s just to scratch that gears itch. I expected 4 to have all of 3’s features and then even more. Big surprise, it was scaled waaay back. Then 5 really worried me after seeing the marketing. The beta/release confirmed it. Knowing gears is goin down the wrong road now, it’s safe to assume it’s too far gone, but I still always hope for the day we return to a game on par with something like the trilogy. I don’t expect it, I just hope for it.

As for everything else you wrote… I agree. Cliffy B could return and make a masterpiece, but I feel like he’s past his prime & it just wouldn’t be the same. Could go either way. I think the industry has gotten to many of our heroes and it’s changed them, so we’ll never truly get a gears on the OG level.

But yes… overall, despite what it might sound like from my responses, we need new leadership that understands the franchise AND has passion and the drive to make the next gears game, and make it right. Not something that’ll make it good after title update 6, or just at the end of the games life cycle… a gears game good from day 1 made by a team with the drive to knock the next game out of the park, headed by the right leadership. Someone who’s got the franchise & fans interests at heart, instead of their own likes (Rod & his skiff).

So while I have my wishlist/checklist of what could make a good next gears game, I’m fully aware that it takes more than that (usually). I’d like to think that Microsoft is realizing that constant bad choices by their dev teams who took over beloved franchises have ruined said franchises (343 ruined halo and TC tanked gears), and maybe they’re finally looking inward, ready to make the necessary changes to fix these franchises. I def don’t count on it, but I keep thinking that these actions won’t last forever. Either change will come and fix both halo and gears, or we’ll finally see the end of both IPs. I’m not counting on it, but I assume we’re so close to that breaking point that something goods gotta come of all this bad.

Anyways…. here’s to hoping that we get the next gears game that we all truly deserve (even if they just have to change their minds and decide to remake gow2 lol)!!


Idk. I wouldn’t say passion as much as I would–nostalgia bait. Most of MW2 (2022)'s campaign was callbacks to the old trilogy. But if you look at it without that context, it totally falls on nothing.

Odyssey was great. Not RPG great but it’s a standout. Didn’t play Origins but I’ve played all the older games and Valhalla to completion. Not saying they’re bad necissarily, had a similar talk with a friend earlier today.

I’m self-aware enough to know that objectively Gears of War has never been a great game series. When you put it against similar games throughout the years, there have been some that kinda blow it away. A TPS with strong characters and deep lore? Well Gears might play better but you have the Cerberus logo right there…

A rogue-esque somewhat open, mostly linear exploration/story based game with elements of upgrading? Well I’d row around the seas of Svartalfheim with Mimir in God of War for hours before I played through the boring skiff rides of Gears 5’s snow and desert sections again.

When I say it’s without passion or a checklist I’m not saying it’s bad. It’s not that black and white. Just saying that they shouldn’t get too much credit for doing the checklist minimum of being a bad game. Bugs and retention aren’t (or shouldn’t) be the only signs of failure, otherwise Bethesda wouldn’t exist right now.

This is more what I mean giving it too much credit alongside a checklist. Just because a Gears game has the aforementioned modes, doesn’t mean it’d be some comeback hit.

Rod (and pretty much every major design lead, as I know) are no longer leading The Coalition, so I’d doubt it.

Me too brother.

This is also what I fear for Gears after seeing the mess of 343’s takeover on Halo. They didn’t take Halo because they wanted to but because they had to. Unfortunately for us Halo is way bigger than Gears and has the ability to release a low-recieved game like Halo 5 and still given the massive budget to work on and release Infinite. (I don’t think Halo Infinite was bad, just incredibly small).

I feel with Gears being a flagship it’s now a matter of making another game, not making a sequel.

One could hope. Xbox has been killing it with Game Pass, but even then they must realize games like God of War Ragnarok, Ghost of Tsushima and Spider-Man are far outclassing their own first parties (I think Forza is the only well-recieved one anymore). One might hope they lay down the line and commit to making truly great games.

I’ve said it before but honestly I’d rather see TC given a blank check and the opportunity to make one of the first new AAA games in Unreal 5. Rather than another Gears game that’ll be held up to loads of speculation and comparisons, a new IP that essential serves as a stress test of UE5 could give us some new Gears-adjacent gameplay that hopefully serves and maybe allows some new ideas to breathe without expectations.

Otherwise as we’ve seen in Judgement and 5… any big changes are met with massive backlash. Although I’d argue moreso because those changes made don’t make any sense, but it doesn’t matter either way.

Hope Runs Deep… but there’s not Always a Tomorrow.

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I wasn’t going to comment in this discussion as it’s not necessary, but I am curious about the above quoted paragraph. Specifically “One of the better Batman games”.

Do you mean in comparison to Batman games in general? Or just the Arkham games?

If it’s the latter then that’s interesting as Origins is commonly considered the worst of the four. Don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely loved the game and did my mandatory procedure of completing all 4 save files 100%.

It’s hard to be “worst of the four,” though when one revolutionized third-person fighting-adventure games. One was slammed with hundreds of GOTY awards and the last was a great emotional sendoff of the series.

It’s like saying Fellowship of the Ring is the worst LOTR movie because Two Towers and Return are so good. But like… it’s just not as “good” not necessarily the “worst,” at the same time.

I keep falling into the same pitfalls for Gears 4/5. Of course narratively they aren’t as good as the OGs but they are far from bad. And being mediocre when surrounded by greatness… makes you look less than stellar.

Agreed 100% and well said. I’m actually glad you pointed this out. I really wasn’t fond of my wording, which is why I went on to clarify that I did actually enjoy the game very much. It is in no way a bad game, arguably having the best boss fights as well as fantastic cutscenes with Batman and Joker, but the games do inevitably get ranked against each other.

For me personally,

  • Asylum is the original. It’s beautiful in its own right. The claustrophobic atmosphere, the music. The dark and, dare I say, gritty feel (I’m a ‘09 Arkham Vet, it’s authorised) was absolutely spot on for what Arkham Asylum is supposed to be like. To go with the incredible gameplay mechanics, there is a seriously precise attention to detail. The amount of Easter Eggs nodding to various bits of lore from Batman’s universe was such a nice touch for the fans. Best of all, of course, was the return of several Batman: The Animated Series voice actors. Namely Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill, Loren Lester, Arleen Sorkin and Robert Costanzo. (Batman, Joker, Robin, Harley Quinn and Harvey Bullock respectively). I know these voices, especially Kevin and Mark, and it just added further to the immersive experience the game provided so well.

  • City, as you said, was revolutionary. It did nothing but solely improve on an already excellent gameplay. The gliding (dive bomb, grapnel boost), the small yet flawlessly fluid additions to combat (beatdowns, Swarm, freeflow boost, weapon disarm, stunned jump attack, knife takedown, etc) were glorious. The more open world approach worked well for what was happening in the story. Predator segments were finely tuned and the stealth availability was very enjoyable, there were many parts of the game you could do stealthily that did not require nor hint it. As with Asylum, they put so much effort into making countless Easter Eggs. Brilliant. And once again the voice acting was just incredible . Additions like Penguin and Mr Freeze were phenomenal to the incredible roster (with Tara Strong replacing Arleen Sorkin, who retired).

  • Knight is just something else. It’s my ultimate game. I don’t care about the Batmobile segments, I loved them. Sure I’d have loved another hand-to-hand battle with Deathstroke but meh. The game is visually perfect, from the architecture to the raindrops on Batmans cape the detail is spot on. Seven years old and it still holds up today, easily beating Gotham Knights. As for the audio, the music is perfect in line with the perfect and relaxing ambience. I love it. They again added to the combat (Gadget Takedowns like the Batclaw Slam, Environmental Takedowns, etc) and Predator (Fear Takedowns, Voice Synthesiser, etc). The voice cast returned again along with the excellent vocal talents of Jonathan Banks and John Nobel as Jim Gordon and Scarecrow. What a game. Oh and let’s not forget all the DLC that let you have every Batman Batsuit from all his appearances, as well as the various Batmobiles! Amazing!

  • Origins was a good prequel. The design, based around Christmas, was a nice touch and they kept it very similar to the already established gameplay by Arkham City. Combat was great )with the addition of Electrocutioner’s gauntlets) as well as Predator segments (remote batclaw). I loved the story and being able to go back to the Batcave was a great experience. The boss fights were better than the previous games, besides Mr Freeze. The Deathstroke fight was amazing! It was good to see Batman at the beginning of his career. Roger Craig Smith did a great job. He was never going to beat Kevin but he certainly gave it a great shot. Troy Baker was an excellent Joker too, Mark Hamill would be proud! However it’s just for this reason that I do rank it below the others.

Oh my. I actually deleted some full paragraphs from each game there, since it was basically turning into a full game review, and it’s still huge. Meh, to hell with it. Once you get me started on Arkham games I just can’t help it :joy:.

I know…but it is :joy:. I love it but the Battle of Helms Deep is just something else!

They aren’t necessarily bad, but they will never stand a chance because of the original games. I will obviously be bias because of the Queen but I regret nothing.

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