Gears 2 Remaster NOT Happening

Seriously, are we gonna see a new thread on this every single day when it’s been stated multiple times that there are ZERO plans to remake any of the older titles? Multiple posts about fixing long standing issues to make Gears 5 better is one thing. Asking and posting every day for a remaster that is NOT going to happen isn’t going to make it happen


Maybe maybe not who knows


Despite UE being fantastic, given the state of Gears 5 I now wouldn’t trust TC to make a successful Remaster of Gears of War 2 anyway.


There’s a Tony Hawk Pro Skater Remastered 1-2 coming out in September and it looks amazing already! Mafia 1-3 are all being remastered too. Yes I am well aware I am not talking about Gears but still. OP, I like your style.

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In my opinion, the whole remaster campaign is just a way for developers to make quick sales on an individual’s nostalgia of an old game. I still play Goldeneye 007 on the N64. I wouldn’t want a remaster. I can understand for really old games, but Gears 2 is only 12 years old and playable on the XBox One as is.

Plus the backwards compatibility team gave it a fairly major update to graphical fidelity a while back for anyone with the Xbox One X.

Money makes decisions for businesses. If the community is asking for it, the chances improve. You might not be interested, and that’s fine. But, making a thread to suppress people’s interest won’t really succeed in that goal. When money talks, just about anything can happen.

Instead I’d like a gears 2 map pack for gears 5. The mechanics of g2 were horrible and feel like dog crap.

G5 is a much better game mechanically!

Big GEARS 2 map pack is what we need. All fathers garden, jacinto, day one, River, pavilion ect ect.

For horde, put some butchers and beast mounts in. Lol

And maulers, I guess wardens are similar but maulers were great.

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Money is $$$ and it does make the world go round so I’m sure at some point in the distant future Gears 2 will be Remastered but I wouldn’t hold your breath for it because who knows what will happen in the next 5-10+ years.

Super intimidating.

Right?! You just don’t get that feeling you got when you saw those maulers spawn on the 8th wave.

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Probably be smarter for them to wait for unreal engine 5, then make the remaster, of course that’s 2+ years at this point but hopefully by then gears 5 will have itself put together enough for them to have the initiative to give us that second remaster.

UE is broken on PC. It was never fixed and is still sold under illegal business practices. Faulty product is still faulty.


Still waiting for a fix since April 2018.


Yes, well apart from that of course. It’s remarkable that they just casually ignored it despite it being a remake of such an important game.

Don’t worry JD’s here to clean them up! Actually it would be cool to have them hold the shield above their heads to counter JD if he fired :grin:

TC Octus in the live streamed answered my question and he said TC know about this and a fix is being worked on but it’s not a simple fix. More likely they ■■■■■■ up and will take longer to fix.

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Could you link the article?