GEARS 2 Horde Mode XP per Round

Last week, my friends were playing GoW2 Horde. We swore we were getting 800 XP per round during Horde on Hardcore. Last night, it was on 400 XP. Totally confused.

I thought original values were:
-100 Casual
-150 Normal
-200 Hard
-250 Insane

And now there is a 4x Multiplier, which would be applied against the above values. Or is the multiplier only two times?

With the backwards compatible Gears 2 and Gears 2 JP the values sometimes don’t apply correctly (for whatever reason).

Original values for Gears 2 were 50/75/100/125 FYI.

TU6 Doubled this to 100/150/200/250 as default.

If a 4X MP is active it should indeed give you 800xp per round of hardcore.