Gears 2 curb stomp execution on every gun

Recently they added the Gears 2 curb stomp to gears 5, which by itself im very happy that they added it. However, the thing about the gears 2 curb stomp was that you could do it with any gun in hand, because executions were mapped to different buttons, like the beat down was mapped to pressing the right stick and whatnot.

What bugs me in Gears 5 is that its strictly on the handguns, meaning i have to switch to my snub whenever i down someone. I know that it wouldn’t be a problem to add the execution to different guns because they wouldn’t even have to change the animation for anything, because in gears 2 the animation was the same regardless of what gun you’re holding.

If TC were to put the execution on the gnasher and/or lancer atLEAST then i would be more happy, because i love the curb stomp from gears 2 and 3, and i do it all the time in 5.

Just a thought tho lol


Yes I support putting this on the loadout

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I think same should go for all of the Pistol and Gnasher-exclusive executions we’ve gotten.

also it looks so wimpy stomping someones face in with a snub. Doing it with gnasher in older games added some weight too it.


It sound be just returned to Y in general like it used to be, or at least added to holding in B partially.

Having the Curb Stomp as a long execution still isn’t right, it’s a problem.

I guess it depends on your definition of problem.

I’d say inconvenience at most.

Nah I’d stick with problem. The Curb Stomp has always been a big part of Gears of War, it should definitely have remained as a default execution available by tapping the Execution button (but given that’s now the melee button, it’d be partially held down).

Maybe a double tap?

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The ideal solution would be moving that useless emote wheel to LB+RB, like in the shooter control scheme, or RB+any face button (B for example) for those schemes that use LB+RB for the horde ultimate and the arcade weapon menu. Those actions are hardly ever used or critical, a double input would not be a problem.

This would free up a slot like RS click for executions, tap=curbstomp of choice (can be made a dedicated slot in the execution menu), press and hold=long execution, as it was in older gears.

Doubt they will ever bother unfortunately.

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That could work.