Gears 2 controller settings

I want to play the Gears 1-3 campaigns but im used to tournament settings. Any suggestion or possible way to change gears 2s settings?

Get a custom controller than can remap the buttons?

Other than that, just learn default. You’ll get used to it after an hour or less and should be fine for just the campaign anyway.

Mike is right. Theres no good way to make it the same without getting an elite (or similar) controller

I’d recommend getting the extended warranty If you get an Elite Controller from Best Buy. I’m on my 7th or 8th Elite Controller that I actually take care of.

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Cant you actually map the stock controllers with the xbox accessories app on the XBOX one? Assuming you are playing the game through a One.

Yeah you can, it’s only swapping the buttons though

Wait wut? How?

So he could just swap A and left bumper to get the same desired result.


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With the Xbox Accessories App. Same app you use to edit the Elite Controller. Its limited to button swaps however.

You made me turn on my console just to tell you step by step here.

  • Launch the Xbox Accessories App
  • Create your Profile
  • Select or hold the button that you want to swap

After you’re done press B to Exit the App

Haha i was at work at the time. I could have looked easily enough but forgot. Thanks though.

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I’m used to Tournament Alt so when I tried out Gears 2 and 3, I used Classic Alt setting.

But for someone using Tournament Default, Default would be the closest thing.

That’s if going to skip the whole Elite Controller thing.

Thank you all. I will try this method