Gears 2 Broken? (Fixed)

Hey just want to say this game is working perfectly fine with any other profile but when I try mine it freezes the whole screen and can’t play at all. Just want to do achievements I never got to finish. Anyone know about this?

Update: found this really old YouTube video on how to fix it on google and gave it a try. It actually worked now I can play again. I was wondering how can I post this video on here but there was a few steps I needed to do to actually make it work. So I’ll describe the steps here and why it was not working for me at first. 1.So first thing is well don’t try to do the glitch with your account that need a password everytime you get on,take the barriers off. 2.You need a different account to trigger it, I made a different account on my Xbox One. 3. Before you start Gears 2 go offline and sign in to your alternate account. 4. Select Training Grounds and as the game is loading quickly sign out and sign into your main gamertag. Then you’ll be sent to the main menu without any freezing with your main gamertag signed in. 5. Now you can quit the game 6. Go back to your network settings and go online. 7 Start up Gears 2 with your main Gamertag and it should work like normal. Notice For anyone who does not know you’ll be playing from level 1 like a beginner. And once again thank you @GhostofDelta2 for the advice that I’m able to play again with my gamertag. I would love to create a video of this but I don’t know how to post on these forums

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Yes, it was a bug introduced by Epic in the 6th title update.

Happened to me, xbox support was useless. The only way to fix it is to sign in and out beforehand and trigger the glitch that wipes your profile,

I know it isnt what you want to hear, but unfortunately that is the reality of it.

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Hey any way I can play it is useful,I don’t care about the data. Any videos on how exactly to trigger the glitch?

No videos sorry, just sign out and back in at the initial splash screen.

Took me about a dozen tries.

Will this work on Xbox One?

I presume so, people playing on xbox one have lost all their data (in Gears 2, 3 or Judgment) and came to this forum wanting to know how to restore it (which they can’t without a backup already made).

Ok thanks I’ll give a try later on

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Good luck, It such an annoying problem to have to deal with.

I’ve tried to do this plenty of times and even deleted my profile from the 360 menu and redownloaded it but it freezes before I can even enter the menu. So I signed out and tried to do training grounds sign in on submission but it took too long to sign and constantly freezes

@GhostofDelta2 Do you know if this bug happens on Japanese version? Now I’m afraid to keep playing horde couch co-op (1 dummy account for decoy).

I got the glitch of deleted save data on my 2nd account back in the day when I was playing Gears 2, but I never knew about the frozen/broken glitch

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I have never heard of that one happening on JP. Obviously a much smaller player base and so less likely for people to report it.

TU6 technically doesnt exist on the Japan version so it could be possible that whatever issue was caused by it isn’t in the JP version, or is much less likely to occur.

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Is this the same bug that carried over to 3 and judgment that would reset your rank to 1 and you’d be screwed if you didn’t have a backup of your save data on a 360 or usb? If so, I had this happen to me back in the day on 3 and judgment, but I was able to restore my data to a much earlier point on both games. Then I had to do the intentional profile wipe cause I couldn’t re-earn one of the onyx medals that got locked out due to the glitch. I never bothered to earn the “seriously 3.0” cheevo due to losing so much progress due to this bug that it’s still unfinished to this day.

No, it was a bug that would cause the game to freeze at the main menu.

Different crippling issue.

Related though as you need to trigger the wipe you are talking about in order to then be able to play again on your tag.

Ahh ok. Do you know what causes the freeze? Cause I’d like to avoid that. If my max gears 2 account got wiped, I’d be heart broken!!

I did Horde splitscreen beforehand when it happened to me, but not sure if that is always the case.

I don’t know if there is anything you can do to mitigate the chance.

If it helps its a Gears 2 TU6 only bug from what I have seen.

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I was playing Campaign with my girlfriend and it suddenly happened one day when I tried to sign in to finish the Campaign with her

Yea, I saw you wrote that in an earlier comment…. Sucks that epic never bothered to go back and fix the issue that sprung up in TU6.

Knowing that it’s happened via split screen for you and others is enough for me to never try split screen again in gow2.

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Ouch!! Not good! Sorry to hear that…. were you a high rank or have a lot of time in gow2?

I honestly was higher back then when I played on my Xbox 360 but when I got my Xbox One everything went thru Cloud so I had to start from scratch. I’m pretty sure I had a lot of progress on many achievements but now I will only focus on the ones I didn’t do yet

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