Gears 2 and 3 remaster when? (prefereablly on steam too)

after how much of a bad taste in terms of content drought gears 5 has left me all i want is gears 2 and 3 remastered on pc for steam now, id do anything to get my recruit clayton carmine back

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I would be surprised if they even did Gears 2 UE but it most likely won’t happen. They can’t afford to lose anymore players for Gears 5. Making one of them, players will certainly jump ship and TC will be gone. I mean I feel TC will lose the rights to Gears of War altogether if they can’t right the ship now.


TC never owned the rights to GoW, it was bought by MS, then they acquired Black Tusk, now called TC. It’s pretty unlikely MS will disband or close down TC, especially since they also hired Rod Ferguson to head them.

I have a feeling a decision to remaster 2 and 3 may unfortunately be unlikely. They both sold well, but after the unfavorable reviews on the GoW UE PC remaster, they may be hesitant.

I meant that Yes MS owns it but they will lose the right to make the game. MS can certainly pull the plug on the devs for Gears no doubt about it and choose someone new. If gears doeant do well in the next 6 months I’ll say, then IMO, TC is done. I want TC to succeed, I really do but with every update they put out, something new ruins the experience.

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Id happily rebuy both 2 n 3 :roll_eyes:

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This would be great, especially if they came to pc and I would most definitely buy them on release.

Keep Coalition way, way, away from having any part in development though.

I’m not being ■■■■■■ but I don’t think I trust tc to remaster 2 or 3.
Not after the mess of 4 and 5.
But remasters of both would be brilliant

I doubt MS will actually give the franchise to another studio. What I do think they will do is make some major changes at TC. Bring in some people that actually know how to code

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I know the game is not liked by many here and on Steam, but there’s far more to judging reception than just official forums and Steam. Everywhere else it’s averaging roughly 8/10, and 3 million players in the first weekend is nothing to sneeze at. Plus TC did pretty well with GoW 4. There’s not enough reason for MS to throw TC under the buss. At most they may advise them what route would be best for Gears 6.

Please stop mentioning 3 mill players…gamepass nuff said…id be surprised if this had even 3000 players at the moment…get on with 2 n 3 remasters…so we can put this crap to bed🙄

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Just stating first weekend stats. You can take it as you like, but it wasn’t intended as the main point.

Gear 2 & 3 on PC would get my interest… as long as they did not change any of the dynamics / game play

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Wasnt being picky…but those figures mask where this game is at now…should of just made a gears game…ok the franchise dont carry the big numbers from 1 to 3…but if they’d stayed true to the game and its playerbase…release something working …peeps would support a reasonably priced store/mtx…but tc didnt…so the ensuing shitshow is no surprise at all😁

Those numbers have dropped. Also, if the game wasnt on Gamepass then it certainly wouldnt have hit 3 million.

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The problem with this statement is that its not a good business model. There was a reason Epic sold the Gears franchise because they wouldnt have made even a good amount of money if they made a Gears 4. There was an article after MS bought the rights with someone from Epic and the guy said that without the game being a multi platform game Gears would have to sell millions and millions of copies. If it didnt it would have bankrupted Epic

This is the biggest issue with a game like Gears. You dont want to piss off the fan base but you do need to do something that brings in more players


Gears of War: The Marcus Fenix Collection

  • Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (Campaign, PvP)
  • Gears of War 2: Ultimate Edition (Campaign and PvE: Horde, no multiplayer)
  • Gears of War 3: Ultimate Edition (Campaign, Horde, Beast Mode and PvP including all maps from Gears of War 2 and 3)

And without the obnoxious camera shake from GoW3. I tried playing 3 a few days ago and I felt sick after 5 minutes.

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To be honest red…for me i dont care to much bout how many are or were playing…2 and 3 were/are fine gears games …made for the gears playerbase (im sure some will have gripes bout both)…the fact remains 4 started to drift in my opinion…and 5 is there you cod players…we want you!..its just an opinion…i like gears to play n feel like gears…if i want cod/halo/fortnite ect…I’ll go and play them…but they dont try to be gears…so why should the gears playerbase be happy with this drivel their serving up…lmao its still a broken mess aswell🙄

They’ve hit the iceberg with that ship and have sent Ryan down to patch up the hole with the finest arsenal that money can buy!

image image


Haha a little humour…refreshing🤣

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Because it’s not about us anymore. Gears cant make money with just the Gear heads that’s why they are trying to get other players.

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