Gears 1 ultimate doesn't retain stats from OG?

I’m on a Series S and downloaded Gears 1 Ultimate from game pass to play and keep grinding towards Seriously achievement but noticed that my kills from the x360 game don’t carry into ultimate.

Anyone else notice this?

I guess I’ll have to play the x360 Gears 1 version from game pass because I was a few hundred away from seriously. Not restarting the kill count. Wish stats would continue into ultimate bc no one is ever on gears 1 x360 any more.

They are 2 completely different games.


Yes. I was expecting so many unlocked achievements from 9 years prior to just unlock again at the main menu with no effort required.

So disappointing.


You’re right!!! This is ridiculous! I also booted up the Masterchief Collection the other day and I noticed I didn’t have any achievements unlocked from my copy of Halo 2 for games for windows either. This is am outrage!

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They’re different games…

I disagree, it’s the same game, but at a higher res.

They’re still different games.

You can disagree all you want but it doesn’t change the fact it’s a different game. Its not uncommon for games to be done like this. If say, a Definitive Edition is released at a future date, it’s a different game to the original version so achievements and stats wouldn’t transfer over.

I had street fighter 2 for my snes and when i bought it for the 360 i was hoping it would’ve saved my stats and i would only need to load the game 1 time but nothing happened.


Not always, theres 2 Borderlands 2 games, same game, same achievemens but stats arent saved unless you upload them yourself.

Theres also the handsome collection with all the same achievements.

But i know what you mean.