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Gears 1 n 2 maps please

I dont know if its been said already but it would be nice to have some gears 1 maps and 2 in the game maybe tyro station clocktower day one blooddrive canals etc …


It’s been said a million times and yeah I agree some old maps like mansion and ruins would be great to have again on a new gears.


Tyro station hell no… rather mansion or mausoleum


Nah, you the first… :grin:


Brand new maps for a new game would be better instead of all old ones, something fresh would be nice




Unpopular opinion: Process



Yeah some old maps would be cool. Apart from raven and canals they should only be ones that have not been used before. I never ever need to play blood drive again and gridlock is just boring now.

Knowing our luck as fans, they will see this and give us courtyard and sandbar. :cry:

I just hope there’s no more brought forward from g4, all the maps were bad.


If they fixed the imulsion side side spawns so it isn’t just 2 long bridges then I’d be down.

While I enjoy the classic maps, I’m going to have to say no to this. The old maps have been remade, rehashed and done to death. I’m sick and tired of them at this point. We need new maps. We should be wanting the Gears franchcise to grow. Not be stuck in the past. Let TC make maps that might become the next classics. In my opinion TC should prioritize NEW maps and if there’s time and budget left, then bring back some old favorites.


It’s always been a Gears tradition to release both new maps along with older classics (which TC need serious guidance with if Lift is the first we’re getting).

We shouldn’t be in a position where we’re having to choose which we prefer or debate it.

Do I want new maps? Yes.

Would I also love to play River or Jacinto for the first time on current gen tech? Yes.

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Bring back blood drive ,Jacinto , river and ruins

Thanks for listening Rod

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OK, if your willing to have the Map Designers stop making new maps at this point and start on those then they could probably do it.

Absolutely. It’s a shame it’s taking so long. They should bring a bunch back. I personally love canals. I like a lot of the older maps. From gears 3, trenches and azura stand out.

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lmao! wanna play old maps? go to previous Gears Of War Games you are not gonna regretted, especially Gears Of War 3 :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:
as for Gears 5 and old maps!
short answer; No
Longer answer: NoooooooOO!

Gears 5 ain’t good enough for them.

I agree with you but its insane they just ignore us or never check the forums, I still have little faith that we could get gears 1 & 2 maps but Idk they need to work in a lot of bugs of the game and the rate of release of maps is really slow, hopefully Operation 3 bring more maps

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Its not the same because gears 2 servers are shutdown and personally think it had the most content so did g3

Lift would like a word

Still waiting for lift to turn up to vote for in vs for me

The new maps are a joke and boring and were built for escalation type matches… Theres videos on how unbalanced the maps are especially in Koth