Gears 1 2 3 4 for PC!


I watched some youtube videos about Gears of war 1 to 4, I wanted Gears 1 since it first came out in 2006, and I still want it. I completed Gears 5 campaign and absolutely loved it, loved th story and characters
Please TC make Gears 1 2 3 4 for PC!
the Ultmate Edition version in Microsoft Store does not work on PC and if it works, it does not save game progress.
This games totally deserve a proper remake!
Pleaseeee :slight_smile:


Gears of War 4 was already made for PC. It also runs fine on W10. About the only thing bad you can say about it is the Vulture boss fight in the campaign is way too hard on Inconceivable mode, so essentially that mode is unplayable for most.

I also highly doubt they will do anything to put 2 and 3 on PC, since they were coded for old gen consoles. They’d basically have to completely remake the whole game just for PC, a platform with far less sales on AAA titles.

As for 1, after 2 failed attempts to properly support it on W10, it’s unlikely they’ll dump any more money into it.

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The 4th game is already been on pc for a while, but I do want the first 3 games to come to PC. Gears 1 was possible to play on PC but you need Windows Live which Microsoft doesn’t do that anymore.

The Ultimate Edition (game pass version) works fine for me on PC (Win 10 x64)
You can’t play online of course but the campagne works fine. Saving games too.

^Like I said, they already attempted to properly support GoW 1 on W10 via the Ultimate Edition, which ultimately failed. Not likely they’ll go down that road again.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection
Gears: The Marcus Fenix Collection or Gears: The Delta Squad Collection
it’s a nice idea but Gears UE is still broken after a year, gears: judgement as well. i just don’t see them doing anything about it.