Gear4 can’t unlock any story related achievements help me!

Well, I finished gears of war4 in insane mode, but my story-related achievements didn’t unlock. It’s from 2016, I’ve told support, they said it will fix it, but it’s been 5 years and it hasn’t been fixed. I don’t dare to play xbox games. Help me. I have a picture I’d like to send to you. I still save the game, go into the game, it still says I finished 5 chapters, is there a solution? I am going to buy a xbox series x now but this problem is not solved. I dare not play new games at all.

I had that problem while playing 4 (years ago).

Every Act have different sections, image shows Act V 1,2,3,4 and 5. You need to check every section and verify that the insane skull logo is there. In my case I had one missing from Act 2 so I re did it and voila! chievo popped.

I had this happen a long time ago. I replayed the last boss fight and the cheevo popped. I’ve also experienced some cheevos not popping, and a weird trick that sometimes works is this; while sitting at the main menu, click the Xbox button on your controller. Don’t close the game, just click the “sign out” option. It’ll minimize the game and log out your gamertag. Now just sign back in, click on gears 5, and follow any on screen game prompts (press a to go to main menu, etc) to get back to the main menu. If it worked, any missing achievements should pop.

It sounds weird, but this works on some games that don’t sync the cheevos with Microsoft’s servers, and by doing this, it sometimes syncs up and makes any missing cheevos pop that were complete but we’re still “locked.”

Hope something I wrote helps!

I played the new finale on xbox series x, it did it, very happy.