Gear packs are the worst thing for gears

(Crimson Torque) #62

Who honestly spends thousands on mts tho really? other than YT’ers and the odd child that gets their mitts on a parents credit card? If this really is the case I’d say we have a far bigger problem on our hands, and that would be people have 0 respect for hard earned cash,

(The Sloth T34) #63

There’s actually a forum post called “how much have you spend?” where players are posting how much they spent on this game and it’s mt. Go check it out for yourself. It is a big problem indeed.

(therodt) #64

How do you find people to do that

(crazychainsaws8) #65

In a looking for group post the easiet class to max out is scout and most people would tell you how to do the specific speed run your doing.

(The Munkey) #66

Gear packs do suck. I’d like to know how much money they make off them though. If theyre making a killing, I doubt any thread or fan complaint is going to change it.

Aaron Griffin has been sitting on their for $15 for like a couple weeks. Thats one freaking character in a $60 game. Nevermind those rediculous Esports packs.

Either TC has balls that hang to the floor and dont mind flipping the finger to all Gears fans… or people have been spending money on these things and justifying them the whole time.

(The Munkey) #67

I just saw this post. This is one of the saddest things Ive ever seen.

(The Sloth T34) #68

Pretty much why the system barely changes

(therodt) #69

Elite Packs are the worst

(TheDeuterostome) #70

The only ones I buy are the black steel. Aaron I unlocked via the challenge.

(chaaze) #71

Na’h, the worst things… matchmaking with 250ms ping garbage tolerance, then rankings, then suspensions on top of the “broken AF” those previous lobbies… Packs you can avoid by choosing to ignore, not a playable part!