Gear packs are the worst thing for gears

(The Sloth T34) #42

If they weren’t so busy having to come up with new gear packs they could actually focus on fixing these problems. As soon as players found an exploit that was earning player credits really fast they hotfix it in a couple days.

(Skelface) #43

Everytime you see a “complaint thread” in the forums, it’s often about the issues you mention. Gear Packs aren’t the main problem, but sure it is one of them.

Skins are the favorite topic of The Coalition almost every What’s Up.

(DJ NME) #44

No… Its not the same at all as getting say 10,000 kills to unlock character x or skin x.
Packs suck and are just a piss take to the gamer. Look at all the morons pouring money at them.

(NUBinbound) #45

we should all appreciate that we need 6000 kills for a re-color meanwhile for griffin a new character in gears 4 we needed 750 :thinking:

(DLCarr17) #46

TC has been doing a lot more challenges to unlock characters/skins as of late which should be giving you the incentive to keep playing that you’re talking about. However as I point out to people quite frequently $60 a pop doesn’t cover the cost of developing a AAA game anymore and Packs or something similar help to make up the difference that developers need financially.

So, yes I believe TC has heard so many cry outs from the community for unlockable characters and skins and we will see more if it from launch on in Gears 5 BUT we will also almost certainly see loot boxes returning in some fashion but hopefully with a more consumer friendly system or just the ability to pay extra for a certainty of getting what your looking for.

Your aren’t alone with your distaste for loot boxes but they are almost a certainty for gaming in general going forward.

(NUBinbound) #47

loot boxes will be for horde/beast mode for sure

(DLCarr17) #48

Could be. I don’t know what the future will look like for Gear packs but we will just have to wait and see in 2019 and keep our fingers crossed that its something sweet!

(O Jufs O) #49

Lmao :joy::joy::joy: relax

(SuperStevie09) #50

wasnt dk sold with the expansion pack?

(Crimson Torque) #51

People need to vote with their wallet simple as, rng from packs needs to be gone in G5 and EVERY pack should be able to be bought with in game currency, As long as mts are confined to cosmetic items only I’m happy with that,

If Horde skill packs can be bought for cash tho I don’t see why its any different that SWBF2 and should be met with the same hostility imho,

We the community/consumer decide whats acceptable or not, not the industry!

(J4CKA1) #52

I tried to say that once…

(Crimson Torque) #53

Yeah, I get the feeling a few people have, G4 is too late in its life to change anything here but we can make a change to 5 if we explain whats acceptable and whats just shady money grabbing. I’m all for companies making money but not like this.

(TheDeuterostome) #54

I don’t know anyone would buy packs for horde stuff. I only buy the esports packs. All the horde cards can be earned through normal progression of playing the game.

(Keala89) #55

Yeah but is TC the type of company that listens to the players and learns from their errors? In other words: do we honestly believe that Gears 5 will be any better than 4?

(Crimson Torque) #56

Yeah you can buy horde packs via credits and thats cool BUT you can still buy them with cash, which isn’t. Any type of mts that gives one player over another an advantage is not good for games be it a pve or pvp, people should get there “power” from playing the game,

(Crimson Torque) #57

I think we have to believe it can be better otherwise we might as well give up now?

I honestly don’t think MS will want this to garner a bad public relationship, They need G5 to flourish and for that to happen people have got to like it, They want to be taken seriously in Esports? they need people to be watching it or its not profitable.

(Speeky v) #58

Is The most wonderful

(The Sloth T34) #59

it was. they had to because of a game breaking glitch.

(RC 5052) #60

I don’t mind the packs but the randomness of each pack is ludicrous. I would like packs to be alot cheaper and have everything in them. This random DLC stuff is annoying. If I have to pay, at least give me what I want.

(The Sloth T34) #61

The problem is gow players will still buy the game. Most of them don’t have the will to not buy it. Also the whole speak with your wallet isn’t an effective strategy when players are willing to spend thousands of dollars on mts.