Gear packs are the worst thing for gears

(crazychainsaws8) #22

Already have all the characters in the game (only missing the black steels) and with 300k credits.

(API) #23

So the answer to my question is “yes”

(o Magical Hobo) #24

If kids and man child adults will stop buying them. It will change. But it never will because it’s what is gaming now… I miss the old days of gaming before business suits joined

(baconman886) #25

MTs are a cancer on the industry. The sooner they are gone. The better.
But people keep complaining and yet they keep buying them. My old sig said “speak with your wallet” and that will always hold true.
No way I will even consider buying Gears 5 until I see an improvement for the system in place.

(iRespect L8) #26

It is not a problem to have, the bad thing is to only put real credits as an unlock option for characters like black steel. It is worse then to give them the same for free, as those of the season pass, marcus and anya vintage.

No doubt we will soon receive Marcos, Kait, JD, Del, Reina and Oscar Black Steel through creation. by the way they already are there just lacking is not TC!?

(Skelface) #27

I remember the old times.

“Do this, you will get that.”



"So you want this character? Wait until we decide to put him/her in a Gear Pack. And guess what? You’re not certain to get it because of RNG! So make sure to play Horde and Versus to boredom to buy a ton of Packs!
Still haven’t got what you’re looking for? AH TOO LATE! Missed it. Wait one little year to craft it! Oh it’s scrap-expensive and you want to level up your Horde cards? Well, make your choice!

Buying with your money could have saved you a lot of time, you know."

All characters should be available from the start and their alternative skins through scrap or clear, not time-limited objectives.

It’s not only Gears of War 4. This RNG trend inciting players to grind for XXXX hours or buy with real money has to die. The faster, the better.

(DeathScythe M01) #28

All ready got it, long time ago.

(Keala89) #29

Remember the days of SNES/N64 where there was no such thing as micro-transactions or “updates” to improve a faulty game and fix all the bugs, etc.?

(The Sloth T34) #30

yeah those were the good days. buying Street fighter 2 five times was awesome. DK 64 without the N64 expansion pack was a really fun game

(O Jufs O) #31

But you shouldn’t have to buy them. Level unlocks were the best.

(Keala89) #32

Never played street fighter 2. Was it a broken game? Is that why you bought it five times?

(The Sloth T34) #33

no dude. The thing with SF2 was for each update to the game they had to release a new game for full price. It’s a little joke on how games had to be updated in the past for consoles. do you get the DK reference?

(Keala89) #34

No because i never played donkey kong 64. It looked like ■■■■ to me. I’ve only played the classic DKC 1-3 games.

None of the SNES or N64 games i’ve played ever had the problems you experienced. To the best of my knowledge the games i played were:

SNES: DKC 1-3, MK2/3/ultimate, Killer Instinct, Star Fox
N64: Golden Eye, Mario Kart 64, WCW Revenge, Killer Instinct Gold, MK4, Star Fox 64, Mario Party

(RC 5052) #35

I’ve personally gotten really bad stuff from elite packs. Rarely ever got anything good. That’s RNG for ya lol

(Aziz XXCOOLXX) #36

I hate Gear packs too, I hope they learned and listen to the community and remove it in Gears 5… But both Microsoft and TC loves money so much :stuck_out_tongue:

(The Sloth T34) #37

DK 64 had a game breaking glitch that required the N64 expansion pack in order to play the game completely. A little joke on how games were updated in the past.

(Destro WOD) #38

Honestly i played a lot of GOW, i have around 1000 social games, 1000 rank games and countless of hours sinked into Horde for XP/credits and achievements.

Yet i don’t own every single skin in the game (that is series base) Granted most of the characters i have left are “craft only” but i do still miss guys like armored marcus or a few others.

Yes sure i could craft probably all characters i want, but when Horde hold you hostage for achievements (classy!) its not easy. Not to mention i had to up lots of soldiers card for “do you even lift” and since i don’t know what they gonna put as the last batch of achievements, i hold to that scrap and those credits for the moment. Speaking of credits , same as achievements, i hold to them for next special pack, and when i buy these, i don’t get horde cards…

The whole credits/pack system is a system designed to make you pay insuring you never get EVERYTHING unless you no life the game. I consider myself like somebody who played a lot of GOW4. I know some did more obviously, but systems like those should never be made with the die hard no lifer in mind.

RNG LOOTBOXES have to go. Thanksfully more and more games are getting rid of them as peoples complain and the laws are closing close on them.

I think the pack system would had work in GOW4 IF and only IF there was not the horde skill cards system. Those are way too bottomless for your scrap. Especially since they boosted it at lev 6(lev 5 was not as bad)

But for timed packs, im not ok with them. I got lucky to get almost every characters i wanted trough credits but again i play this a lot. I feel everybody should have his chance to get the character he want, even dads and moms who have famillies etc.

Added characters should had been put as part of the season pass like back in GOW3 era and non season pass characters either buy for 3$ or a certain ammount of credits (guarenteed)

The problem with TC is they have no understand of money and what is worth what. Griffin is like 28$ canadian… FOR JUST A FREAKING SKIN. Mortal Kombat sold full fledge characters in a fighting game with unique movie sets for 5$. Yes i know you could unlock griffin trough challenge etc but what if for some reasons you where unable, either on vacation or whatever. A skin should never go over 5$

(BattedEwe30) #39

I spent 30$ and got 3 void raams .I will never give these scam artist my money.

(NUBinbound) #40

only 77k? those are rookie numbers

(SnipesMcFinigan) #41

Lmao yeah its the packs, not the spotty hit reg, the unstable servers, the catering to bad players, or the game uninstalling update glitches no no, its the skins