Gear pack ideas

Theron Dom and Marcus (GOW 2)
Zeta Squad, Valera,Barrick and jace.
Full Armoured Marcus and Dom (helmets)
Recruit Clay
Golden Loucust (miner,hunter)
Recruit Delta
Savage Locust 2 Theron and Maraurder
KARN Emergence, Karn and Cyclops
Rise Of Raam 2, Will Carmine and Vurl jermad
Locust Drones 2, Bolter and Sniper V2
Recruit Oscar
Lambent Drones, Grenadier And drudge
That’s all feel free to leave your own ideas below :slight_smile:

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I agree with all of these and always welcome for new skins, Except Theorn Dom and Marcus from that DLC,
That would make the COG players have advantage so Swarm/Locust players will think the player is one of them. And that will make problems…
Don’t forget onyx guards and Prescott too!

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I thought about that too with the theron Marcus and dom but remember they glow blue and this list isn’t serious.also I didn’t forget anyone, if their not in here it’s because I don’t want them

yes to another Oscar pack but instead make it
Recruit Oscar (super)
E-day Oscar (epic)
V-day Oscar (legendary)

How about this stick figure marcus and stick figure swarm thats it thats all you get to play with. At this point I could care less about cosmetics what I want is a game that isnt broken. And I wish TC would want the same

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Yes I know but we aren’t allowed to discuss leaks sorry.

Those leaks are fake. The cringey YouTuber that you see in the watermark just wants some views lol

No I thought the same too but i spoke to the guy and he is legit showed me alot of stuff i believe him 100%.

Yeah. There is new content stuff and I’m convinced is legit too.