Gear of War: Ultimate Edition (win10) still no exp

Since January~ish everytime you go into a multiplayer competitive match in Gears Ultimate Edition (win10) it tells you no Exp will be awarded for this match.
Are there any plans to fix this? achievement wise the game is 100% uncompletable currently.

I doubt it will ever be fixed. It was released as a bug-filled mess, and still was when it went into Gears 4,and TC have forgotten about it since.

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Yes i just found out the social matches are on rotation that has been permently paused for no reason. I thought i was just getting unlucky finding “TDM” and “KOTH 2x0 EXP” everytime i booted this game up but no i realise its just more forgotten lazyness.
they said they’re looking into fixing the EXP issue on may 23rd

Fun fact… The xbox version is now affected by that too. I just played 16 matches and no single point nor kill was counted