Gear f war 5 how does the k/d works

In gears of war 5 does your k/d go up and down in quickplay or rank matches or both

everything, except horde and campaign

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What about custom matches online

yes. It’s how @SnubbbS can maintain a 1.0+


Ok just making sure

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If you die, the D part of your K/D increases, and if you kill, the K part of your K/D increases.


It’s quite self explanatory is you ask me lol

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Im surprised a toddler like you, would understand this.

I do not comprehend, can you rephrase that in a way a chronic alcoholic would understand?

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If you kill someone, you get a K, kayy? and if you get killed, you get a D, kayy?

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If I’m not mistaken , I think all playlists keep their own stats . So your quickplay stats should be separate from , say, Ranked Control stats. Someone can chime in if thats incorrect.

That is a comma splice. Also, there should be an apostrophe between the “I” and “m” in “Im.”


But what’s a kill? I’m only familiar with elimination.

A kill is like an elimination, but more so.