Gear Developers please give Mexico a server

Please! Please! PLease. I know you noticed how players in the United States are leaving the game. The system isn’t fair to us. If I lose, Im fine with that. But I’d rather lose fair and square. Just give them their own server.


Seriously, those 250+ pings are crazy to go against.


facts… it’s so disappointing because it feels like they don’t care about us


And those pings are being exploited.


facts. I play everyday and I see it all the time


Hate to be bearer of bad news but Servers are done by Microsoft… So its over The Coalition’s pay grade.



Nah, no problem whatsoever with high ping
I play against high level players and is the same

not happening unless Microsoft decides it’s enterprise/cloud business needs warrant a server facility in Mexico.

they’re not building one because a few Gears players hate playing against Mexicans.


trust me i know. i been dealing with it since 3 . was just putting in my 2 cents.

They absolutely need their own servers.

A big reason why we lost the USA population.

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It probably has more to do with the countries telecommunication infrastructure actually being able to support a datacenter in Mexico for them to warrant the extreme cost to set it up…


Chances are even if every city in the world had it’s own server, we’d still get put on a totally random one. There’s one so close to me I get 6-9 ping. But I get put on servers with anywhere from 50 to nearly 200 ping.
Even when you get to play on the right server, some other poor shmucks are paired with you who just shouldn’t be, and they’re the ones sitting at 150 ping.
All of this exacerbated by the fact Gears 5 online is bad. I actually played GoW 4 versus for the first time yesterday, and 100 ping on that felt quite playable to me.


Players from Mexico have been the bane of my existence since Gears of War 3 all the way to 5. Every issue with the game is just exacerbated with the high pings and lag advantage they’re given. It’s definitely driven me away from playing as much as I want especially these last few months.


Lolol really. They eat shot like its diner

There’s really two options.

Continue as is and alienate people with a good isp.

Dial back the lag comp in the game. Helping make it fair for various pings is one thing. Making them god like is not acceptable.

A stable high ping seems more acceptable to gameplay. A spiking or unstable connection should get a ban from ranked like quitting. Fix your bandwidth problems or don’t play ranked.


I am one of those US players who have stopped playing completely. The inconsistencies created by poor connections is near the top of the list as to why. I don’t feel my Gigabit Fiber connection should have me rubber banding every time another players ping spikes as the server tries to catch up. It’s as if we’re in P2P and they’ve got host.

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adding more servers isn’t going to help anything if the players aren’t filling up the ones we already have. I’m already getting put into East/Central now when I should be West. 80% of the time this happens.

what would adding another server do? I’d just be funneled into the best possible match where Rank/mode/ping are taken into account.

adding a Mexican server doesn’t fix this, they’d just be funneled back into the system and find better suited games for their Rank/mode/ping again.

unless you’re straight up asking to block Mexican players from playing on US servers then I don’t know what to say to that

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Yeah don’t put Aussies on Brazil servers you pork chops!