Hi ,i played arcade mode trayed rank but not work …but this is not the problem…gear become gear of duty …if i want call of duty i buy call of ,but now if i want gear what i have to buy …mini map…guns not power of a gear game,assistance to target like others shooting ,bouncing not exactlely the same than 4 ,and far from 3 ,what s happened the gameplay of 4 was wonderfull ,why to change it,…this is a baby gear ,a gear for young players,clean your lanzor …what is that !!!i played juste 2 games on arcade ,maybe on ranking all change…i hope …i hope …if not i will stay with gear 4 ,ultimate ,3 and 2 .gear was a special game ,why it must be like all other games today…2nd day trayed ranking,the feeling is better than arcade mode…but the lancer from “activision”,is a lancer destiny-like…ho my god…the 2 maps are nice,love gibson…,but we have a lot of wall,half wall,you are going to push players to camp just behind the wall,the pro circuit going to be not so fun to watch,not so fun to play ranking,much less fight…but this is just my idea.

Arcade mode is wayyyyy different from ranked… or so im told im unable to play it stuck in gears of duty as you say

I hope so. Arcade is awful.