Gear 5 stop with this ....stop

Ok .after wait 6 Mounth, i see still a gear with so excessive aim assistance and bullet magnetism,its like a broken game , ,bécane a casual game ,do a phone game is better ,i wrote some topic in the past ,i don t want loose my time anymore ,i think is not the same person did gear 4 ,and gear 5 ,unbeliveble. Delete right now ,going back to 4 .a Real game, since gear 1 i loved every gear …now its a joke this game .

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Trinita stop with this…stop

you can disable aim assist in game settings, it only works in the lowest difficulty only anyway


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Microsoft should hire epic to make a gears 3 remaster and then let the franchise die


Yes i know .but anyway when you miss some shoot, you touch the full head ,when you shoot well you miss,also hit boxes are …wtf …its just a joke ,after l accept that people can like this kind of commercial game ,but my point of vue it s broken to compare to G4 .