Gear 5 Kait Nightmare Question

After looking at the trailer again, I noticed something in Kait’s eyes. I wonder what it is. Anyone help me with it? First image is the Locust/Swarm before she wake.



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it her grandpa obviously

Considering the top picture is almost certainly a picture of a pug, i have a pretty concrete idea about whats in here eyes. During the turmoil of the “incident at settlement 2”, Kate and her pug, Pugsworth, were separated. After years of searching and a night of restless sleep, Kate wakes from her nightmare to what can only be considered the most horrifying sight known to man, a pugs face. That’s what you’re seeing in her eyes in the bottom picture.


Seems plausible :+1:

it seems to be RAAM and i think hes backlook at the comics its the same eyes, we all saw him die on gears 1 but he got some imulsion on the underwater bridge when the lightmass blewso hope its him backagain

That’s not raam

It’s defintely RAAM, he was the best general the locust ever had, the swarm will resurrect him to lead their army.

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Check this out!

What’s your point? A video guessing it looks like raam because a comic picture looks somewhat like the video game version? Dont believe it yet

the point is theres a possibility that raams still alive and still is a coincidence of the launch of th
e comics rise of raam

It is possible the character could be infected Reyna! They have the same eyes! I still wonder what Reyna meant in Gears 4 when she told Oscar " that is why we stick to the plan".