Gear 5 Del Arm Band

Not sure if anyone pointed this out! Is there anything special on Del Armband?


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Never noticed, I was more intrigued as to what was going on with J.D.’s arm…

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I noticed this, looks like some kind of navigation or high-tech software thing.
Could be used to communicate and such, maybe.

I was wondering if it was pointing to a secret locations or an old gears location. Maybe some old tech or something.

Perhaps it’s basically used to access old COG data? Because there is probably no mission control anymore and he is looking things up on archive.

It could have an in-built bomb like from the Predators movie.
Del might be on suicide mission. :astonished:

I noticed that. I wonder if each character has their own special ability, like in Overrun.

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Food for thought.

I did notice it, I actually included it, in my most recent post, i’m glad I wasn’t the only one noticing these small details.

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Cannnot wait to see what that is, maybe an upgrade?

New HoD ?

Also look forward to see what’s happening to JD.

I hope he’s ok, Marcus has lost enough already :+1: