Gear 5 Campaign DLC

So, like, ummm… are they gaoing to release a campaign dlc as the rumors suggested. I really don’t care about the MP or the skins updates (or about it in general) but would love to continue Kait’s story…

It’s just rumours at this point - no official news.

Also, the rumours suggest it would be based around the Hivebusters, so it wouldn’t focus on Kait even if this was a reality.


The voice actors probably have a work schedule already set out for Gears 6. Any DLC they would have made for this game if there is any would already have been planned or recorded by now.

I don’t know about that but I don’t believe that is an issue .

I agree they should release the DLC without voice acting.

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This person is hard to please! Or easy to please depending on how you look at it. :wink:

By seriously though, we’ve had no official word from TC about this and we’re just going by a leaked image. I’d like to have campaign DLC but as things are it’s unconfirmed and we’re given no information.

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That is not what I meant. I am sure that they can get the voice actors any time they want… (depending if they can work out a deal that is lucrative)

I know what you meant, I was just pulling your leg.