GBK-BOT - Character Concept

After the locust war, Clayton feared that the grubs would come back. Despite hating the DBees, Clayton went to Baird with an idea

The Grub Killer Bot knows of all Locust and their weakness, how to use their weapons as well as his own. The GBK can command all nearby DBees and share his intel with them. Invulnerable to Headshots, Stomach Acid and Falling Drop pods, The GBK would be the greatest Grub Killer since Clayton himself!

Brushing Clay off as deranged, Baird rejected his idea. The GBK would be useful right about now…



Yes, He makes burgers too.

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I actually love this place :blue_heart:

I went so much, the Regional Manager gave me a 40% Discount Card :raised_hands:

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“I’d like a Samburger with extra bacon please.”

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