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Gave up on the gnasher and switched to the chainsaw

Last night I finally realized I was insane. Why you might ask? Well, the definition of insanity is, " doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result". And that is what I was doing with the Gnasher. After the umpteenth time dying to a 1 shot from the exact same distance that I fired first and did damage in the range of 10% to 97%…after firing numerous “pokes” at an opponent (3 or 4) only to the get blown up and showing I did either 0 damage or 10 to 40% damage.(i know they connected as you could hear the audio cues)…after trying hip fire, pop shots, and Aiming down sights with none really making any difference…I finally said yep…“I am insane…” So, with that being said I decided I would now Chainsaw only for all my close quarters combat. Sadly, it was way more effective. Maybe just maybe somebody at TC will finally address why this continues to be an ongoing issue. But I’m not gonna hold my breath. It would be greatly appreciated to get some honesty and transparency.


“After the umpteenth time dying to a 1 shot from the exact same distance that I fired first”

The amount of times this kinda sh*t has happened to me is insane… And thus I left the game


Well there needs to be a counter to the gnasher, its something that clicks for some people and doesn’t for others.
Plus the lancer and its chainsaw bayonet is iconic for the series it needs more usefulness.
I’ve been trying to play more tactfully, with suppressing fire, flanking ect ( the things shooters are supposed to support) but nothing seems to repel the gnasher whores and their wall bouncing lol.


Yea. The funny thing with chainsaw is that I had an opponent kissing the teeth of my fully rev chainsaw right in his face. Just for them to gnasher shoot my head off. But later this opponent had a fully rev chainsaw 5 feet away walking towards me. I direct aim gnasher shot him 2twice just to get sucked in and cut open dead. Lol


Ah yes, the inconsistencies of the hit detection. @AliceInChainsaw had a video from Gears 4 on Gridlock at the Longshot tower where he had his chainsaw revved up right in the enemies face and nothing happened. This type of stuff happens to me more often than it should so I don’t even use the chainsaw most of the time.

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I hate the chainsaw that much that I never use it. When I see people standing in the middle of a koth ring revving them makes me rage.

Just to clarify…I really loathe using the chainsaw. It isn’t the most subtle way of trying to get elims in a group…Running dead at someone holding your chainsaw out in front of Leatherface. .But when my. COG issue Gnasher came with a bent Barrell.and extra large marshmallows for shells, I had no other option…


I just remembered MORTAL KOMBAT X . was an awesome game.

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It would be great on Gears 5 if the weapons actually worked right!


You should be able to run an enemy down at breaker mace speed, not just casually stroll towards them like walk in the park. It just lacks that edge.


Funny saw this article today.

Gnasher whores? But wasnt gears made to be close quarter fights. And wallbouncing just predict not hard get good.

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new Gnasher tuning went live today

No it was made to be a squad based COVER SHOOTER.

Not human pinball simulator

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There is no other game with movement like gears you are using the cover when you wall bounce I mean it is still cover based.

@Drinkands_im are you sure that article isnt a misprint and should read “gears 5” instead?
@Goodacre do you have any info on the new “tuning”? I thought it was supposed to be “fixed” 2 weeks ago?


That’s the one!

the other update addressed the aim assist bug