Gave up on gears 4 comp playlist?

Can’t find a ranked exe, esc or even comp warmup since gears 5 came out and I’m not playing gears 5 since you guys destroyed the series for the veteran players and catered it to people who will stop playing after a couple of months you’re losing an entire fanbase of people who’ve spent 100’s of hours playing i would’ve gone back to gears 3 if the frame rate wasn’t so buggy on the one please get your s**t together before you further ruin what was once the best series of all time.


People need to start realizing that Gears cant survive on OG players alone. Thats the issue with a game like this. Trying to please the OGs while bringing in new players. Its hard

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Understandable they don’t need to focus on the OG’s but they shouldn’t forget or push them away either i play with a lot of OG’s/youtubers from the gears 2/3 days and we can’t even find a ranked game anymore on 4 we can only really do privates which gets boring quickly

Will you guys enjoy a CROSS play between GEARS 4 & GEARS 5?

Adding Core-Mode. KoTH single round 230, TDM and guardian. With Gears 4 core-tunnning. With Ranking system bronze to master

So if you want play the game on Gears 4 not problem and if you want play the game on Gears 5 not problem. That will be amazing in my case i prefer the physics and the characters of gears 4

I’m sure other people would like it but i never played core after the first update when you could 4 point somebody from 10+ feet with the gnasher the comp in gears 4 was almost perfect you HAD to have movement and be able to out maneuver your opponent

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Im not disagreeing with you at all. Just stating something that people dont seem to realize. You can never forget where you came from and who got you there. .

But theres a reason Epic sold the rights to Microsoft and it isnt because Gears was making a sh*t ton of money. Its a hard game to learn and in this era of video games kids want simple and gears is no where near that.

I felt this.

Agreed and proof of them being “all inclusive” to players is no more kills but ELIMS lol the participation trophy of the gaming world

I dont think Elims had to do with making the game more casual. I think it was more the community complaining about kill stealing and also for support players.

But I could be wrong

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Elims make kill stealing justifiable “you get the points amyway” absolutely no respect my kills get stolen 9 out of 10 times like what happened to the chivalry of Gears players like we all knew not to be a kill thief

Exactly! Where are the old days when your whole team in the middle of a round would bag somebody who you downed and let you come and execute the guy

I miss that ■■■■ and even in Gears 4 it was an achievement to all look up with your snubs its STILL my xbox background lol but now it doesnt matter theres no respect and even though all my kills get stolen i still dont steal others because I and many other Gears players took a silent oath to not do that only ■■■■■■■ kill steal

Correction…Gears can not survive.

I know you defending the game. You actually make some good points. Something a lot of defenders of this game FAIL to realize is that Gears provides a unique experience that other games really don’t provide. At its core gears is a duelist’s game. Think about other games. They are rifle based battle royal type games. Some with big maps others with smaller maps. some are 40 players vs 40 players. Gears is dueling with shotguns. At its core that is the unique experience gears gives us. Also the satisfaction of learning new skills. Also in Gears 4 I didn’t appreciate it at the time, I do now where Gears 4 went in the direction of more team based play, over solo play. TC went all out on getting new players into the franchise and basically ■■■■ on those who kept the franchise going. Now I get you point about not being able to rely on the old school players you need to get new players in to carry the torch so to speak. But if you keep your old school playerbase happy THEY will bring in new players for you. That is where TC went wrong. I’m ok with trying new stuff. But don’t go so far in left field that you push away the people that made you, then have the audacity to say we the fans are the ones who are wrong.

Judging from the amount of time it takes to find a ranked koth/tdm match during EU primetime, I’m guessing people gave up on gears 5 comp playlists as well lol.

People want to come up with a lot of excuses for Gears 5 but a year ago Gears 4 was populated by mostly hardcore and old school players and it was still poppin for most of us with very quick matchmaking. I never had the “where did everyone go?” feeling and the game was over 2 years old at that point.


You do make some very good point about gears 5 but Id ask is it worth a franchise losing its identity in order to survive? I personally think a franchise that I love continuing even if it’s nowhere near the level of what it used to be is still better than it ending altogether but I know others might not agree.