Gauntlet leaderboards still broken

So again done master run, got a time of -28 minutes however leaderboard still says top 22%

Why bring a map back so ppl that missed the rewards can earn them 2nd time round but leaderboards still broke
This was done in custom lobby


I’m in the top 4% and I only did it on elite :man_shrugging:

When you played did you do it in custom? For some reason the 4 OG hive (gauntlet,descent,hive,mines) don’t count times in custom and have to be done in the weekly/past hive tabs for your time to be counted. had this issue myself until I figured this out and got my 1% done.

Hmm👀?? ^^^^^^
i tried both, 2nd run got 7 mins on elite. Still no leaderboard score update. Says my best time is 18 mins,:disappointed_relieved:

maybe try and do a public master run and see if it updates then? I tried multiple incon. Matches in custom and public and master in private with no success until I did a public master run and it finally counted my time.

Yeah. gona try again tomorrow.

For my Squad it worked as we lowered to Inconceivable (Custom) but it did not count our Master-Time. Maybe just Master is glitched…

I never spoke negative about Gears 5 but these Glitches all the Time starting to get really annoying, also there seems to be some serious Server Issues again, Players getting kicked in Horde.

Know what else was bugged? The Link leaderboards didn’t update the time I got running the hive on Master when I did it two days ago. So I stayed at 8% placement for no good reason. Didn’t bother me too much as I was not doing it for the rewards, but I still found it pretty stupid that the Master completion time I got didn’t register on the leaderboards when it seemed good enough for the top 1%, and the hive was still in the Past Hive matchmaking selection at that point.

Same here, still broked for me.

I’m top 1% and I only did it on insane!

It worked in a custom lobby for me. Last night, 9PM GMT.

I did master run and my time has updated on the ending screen, but I did not checked if it’s on main menu leaderboard.

In tour 1 i ran it 2 times on master to help friends get progress for 5.0 achv, 2 have top 2 % while the 3rd guy is top15%

I will probs be trying it again to try and find a solution. @TC_Octus do u no a fix for this???
I would like to get the rewards for this hive…

Confirmed, works fine on master if u search current hive. Did it 1st time
with a random and the time counted.