“Gathering results”

Did completed a horde match for the daily on inconceivable and also did some daily objectives. At the end of the match it said “Gathering results” then said “error don’t panic” does anyone know if these and the XP will be credited? And how long that would take. Don’t want to play another game until this is sorted…

Just a visual bug, you still get credited at the end

I always continue playing while it’s still “loading”

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Will my character XP get added at some point? I seen at the start of the match it was 34k and I did the daily on inconceivable…

It should, I don’t play pve so I’ll let others who are more knowledgeable in that area confirm

Always works fine after that, even the ToD

I’ve had progress when these server errors occurred get lost and never be returned to me.

Like that time where the servers went to the bin when Op 8 started. Or even earlier, closer to the game’s launch.

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Yeah don’t know why it has never fully been fixed

Honestly I don’t pay much attention when it happens to me (in pvp) as in reality, doesn’t do anything lol

Appears to be more than just a visual glitch this time around. It didn’t update my daily objectives. Restarted the game as well, still not updated. Then completed my objectives again and still didn’t update.

Must be different then, usually the ToD still updates itself right after

Still not updated.

Its definitely different. This time around it isn’t keeping any progress. I hope TC is working on this.

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Just looked at the “official Twitter forums”. No bueno. No acknowledgment of the issue to be seen.

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Sometimes if they feel like the issue isn’t super game breaking they’ll just fix it in secret without letting people know. Sera said something like It isn’t worth the time putting out a tweet for certain server updates/issues if it’ll be resolved shortly.

Although in this case I just think it hasn’t caught fire yet. Once they realize its broke we’ll get a tweet. I’m hoping it just fixes itself though.

Maybe, but as far as I can remember they usually make an announcement for when the progression stuff decides to bug out. Could be wrong though, with how often the servers have had issues I’ve probably forgotten about a few of those times.

@TC_Shauny anything going on?

Gathering results is still broken but my objectives are now tracking again.

Ok just played another match now both are working.

Me too,played clock tower on horde frenzy(advanced) had the same as above member,gathering results only had a long message don’t worry loads of numbers/results will show up shortly
Just a update did not receive nothing sadly .no card(s) or points

It’s working again but I did clock tower on inconceivable on frenzy start to finish and got awarded nothing for it… /: “gathering results”

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