Gatekeepers shenanigans and nonsense

2 things to mention :

  1. The game wouldn’t give me an option to meatshield the Grenadiers. But maybe it was due to my position as I wasn’t exactly behind their backs.

  2. But rockets going through the wall is something I haven’t seen before.

That was a painful clip to watch. The meat shield glitch is a strange one though. I’ve never seen that happen, nor no prompt for an execution. It’s almost as if the Grenadier aligns up to be “taken” as a meatshield but immediately changes his mind and downs you.

Maybe he was just having a really bad day and did not want to go out that way.

As for the rockets…that’s just pure evil.

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I have to add - it was one weird run. At one point my friend who was Anchor went ahead to trigger the Swarmak. His shield was deployed. Hunter saw him and threw a smoke grenade that got stuck to the shield. I saw my friend moving and cloud of smoke was moving with him. It looked so bizarre. Too bad I didn’t take a clip of that.

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Can only comment on Point 1, it isn’t that weird (Horde or Escape) to have instances where some enemies (Elite Grenadiers with Overkills, Elite Drones with Claws and Palace Guards) “refuse” to be meatshielded under Infiltrators Ultimate. If you want to MettShield them, go behind them (can also do from the front but you risk the enemies seeing a teammate and shoot, making you go down) and do the B B B combo, after which it will allow you to either execute or meat shield them.

The Rocket passing throw a wall is a new thing for me, lol.

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