Garbage System called Battle Pass but the FortniteOne isaFair one. Thx Hashtag TCgoesEA

The way of they treating us is toxic! Even the so called Battle Pass is a ripp off. We have to blame the company fast enough to stop this … Even the missions are only daily and only 3 . Yeah the progressing will be slow af. Instead you re forced to buy iron to get new quest. Iron is really expensive (real money of course) , so this system is aimed to purchase with real money to unlock locked stuff. YEAH GG TC . They do the battlefiled 5 and star wars battlefront 2 move. They way they treated Gears of War 4 was even better. Even at the start of the game we have costumizable items and characters to unlock through this … system of loot boxes. BUT COMPARED TO THAT WE GOT NOW I WANT THAT LOOT BOX SYSTEM FROM GOW 4, holy moly. If they atleast invented a newly fair system i woulndt be so upset, but this is a betrayal to me .

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Edit: Just a heads up that the 2 weeks left is a mistake, its actually several months.