Garbage, How Do You Allow This?


You found a match, now that is impressive.

Nope. Want another?

Too many people are misinformed about high ping versus low ping.

A low ping has the advantage over a high ping.

which means…

A high ping is at a disadvantage.

However, a high fluctuation ping ruins the match for everyone. The players with the lower pings are negatively affected more than those with slightly higher. In other words, I’d rather have a 60ms ping over a 5ms if fluctuations are present.

I noticed the same trend in the tech test. Everything was smooth except for the one game I played against a player with a 8000ms ping fluctuating everywhere. Once his connection stabilized it became playable again.

Nope. High ping is at an advantage.

Just think for a second here, outside the box.

250ms to my 30ms.

Because of lag comp, it’s “thinking” where he is/I am etc

The server itself is placing me where I am supposed to be, and adjusting for his placement

My shots take longer to reach him, and now my shots are.missing because of the slow process on his side.

However I am being hit by him, as my placement is on par w the server at the lower Ping rate.

High ping, even if stable, is still horrible

Especially when there is over a 100ms difference

Low ping SHOULD get the advantage, but we don’t, due to the lag compensation coding in the game

That’s why Pablo with his stable 230ping vs my 26, is always sponging and ginning me when Im not in his field of view.

Trust me, I have experienced a ton of lag. It’s fluctuations that are the issue. I’ve played with a high ping before due to being placed on a far server. I was on a big delay and it sucked.

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And that delay means shots from low ping don’t hit where we think they are due to the delay, and the server “thinking” where they are.

It’s always ran best with all low ping

One person in the lobby w a steady 180, literally walks through 2 and 3 people.

We all gett gibbed, and he just strolls along.

I mainly want to know why I am not on my US West server.

Every match I’m laying with 150 plus Ping, and I’m at 90.

No way I’m near my 15ms server right now

That’s because your ping is also high and you’re not used to it.

A low ping is still advantageous so long as it’s stable. The issue is so many high pingers have unstable connections so you feel that way.

The game was too cheap guys.So too many people got it first day.

It’s definitely low ping that has the advantage. I’ve fought with high ping and point-blank blasted people only for them to take no damage and kill me.

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Servers should be placed on the moon, i think that would be neutral lol

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