Garbage, How Do You Allow This?

Look at this…meanwhile I ping 20ms to my nearest server?

Like seriously


Not even the whole world can play yet. How about you let the game get populated before you rant about high pings.


Even allowing a 500+ ping player into ranked alone is absurd


Lol WOW.

Ironic that the op was just bashing someone a few hours ago for complaining about ping. :laughing:


No I was saying to that dude that high ping ruins the online.

As he admitted his connection wasn’t great.

High ping especially bouncing around high pings should not be allowed online…

Not ironic at all , seeing as he was talking about his own shoddy connection

Same deal.


Should just wait until the game goes live in your region before complaining about your connection to out of region

I love all these threads condemning this game for this and that…meanwhile majority of the world doesn’t even have proper access to it yet


The game is indeed new and it is struggling to find people in your area.

  1. Not all countries have access to Gears 5
  2. Out of the countries that have access, only those with the ultimate edition can play.

Be patient and the game will be pumping :slight_smile:

  • Not even full release

  • Of those who have the game, a good amount will be playing campaign at this time

  • Any bugs with the servers or matchmaking probably needs a bit to iron out

Not the ideal time to be making fair assessments.

This is the 3rd game TC has developed and launched. It had 2 betas. It’s been in development for 3 years. It’s been in early access for 3 days already.

If this isn’t the time to make fair assessments then when is? They’ve had this franchise for years. Long enough to develop 3 games. 3! And they still can’t get it right.

Excuse after excuse. And you have the audacity to say this isn’t the right time? Please. Anyone who can’t do their job properly after this long doesn’t deserve to be working at that job/management really needs to do some restructuring. This is ridiculous. No company, and I mean no company would allow people to mess up this badly this consistently and allow them to continue to be employed. Only in this backwards industry of gaming does this happen.

Every other industry, develop idea, develop product, test product, price product, sell product.

Gaming, develop product, sell product, fix later…

That’s stupid.


You seem to have a lot of time on your hands instigating drama on these forums I’ve noticed. That’s fine, to each their own, but I know that by engaging with you it’ll turn into a pointless circus. Instead, I’ll make my case and let you rant on with your words of wisdom afterward.

The points I made were in regards to the PINGS of the players in the match that OP posted screen shots of. I meant that it’s too early to make a fair assessment regarding the MATCHMAKING in VERSUS. Higher pings could very well be due to less of a player pool because people aren’t even playing due to the reasons I put out. That’s far from excusing the fact that people have been having issues even getting a match.

By the way, the game has been in early access for just a few hours in the US. Not 3 days.

Also, cool your taters and be more respectful. You sound borderline mental and you will get banned eventually.

how there is not enough players when the servers crashed because of high influx of players stressing the servers? the match making is very bad. it will toss you to the first match it find regardless of ping . If it is below 250ms ping then its perfectly fine this game thinks :sweat_smile:

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High ping players should be grouped together.

All of us from South Africa on PC/Xbox have to connect to the EU at 200+ms, and USA at 350ms, it’s madness, it sucks for everyone, we didn’t even get a single server. :worried:


Players from Mexico maybe with their really bad internet service atleast that was my experience on Gears 4 versus.

Yeah, what a lot of people don’t realize is that not all regions around the world have data centers for the game. Especially for us in South Africa, this is a huge problem.

To say that we should wait till the game is available in our region is just plain stupid. We’re stuck playing on EU servers as I doubt TC will give us local servers (even though we have an Azure presence now at least).

I’m pinging below 200ms, but man, in the Tech Test I didn’t get any disconnections. Guess we’ll just need to be patient and give them time to iron it out. I’m still having fun against bots in local LAN matches, so I’m sorted for now :slight_smile:

Seems like that could be a misleading screenshot. If its anything like Gears 4 than everyones ping was high the moment they connected to the lobby but then after a few seconds it would settle down to normal numbers.