Garbage horde mode

Horde mode is seriously broken. By adding individual perks that costs fabricator energy you take away from the strategy that is the foundation of horde mode. It turns horde mode into an AI versus mode. That is not horde mode. It’s rare to find a group that actually deposits energy and when you do the servers usually crap out and kick everyone. Or, my favorite one, we had an enemy fall through the map so the wave were stuck and we couldn’t proceed. We wrote messages in the chat for everyone to blow themselves up but some medic warrior ran around picking everyone up so we ran out of grenades and salvos… freaking joke. By us getting early access we become the testers. So lets go over the logic, pay extra to play a busted game that no no longer encourages teamwork… great job coalition.

Hit the nail right on the head. This is not horde mode at all. It’s a joke.

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Use LFG feature to find a good team if you don’t have friends to play with. Matchmaking has always been a gamble.

My first impression is that this horde is more teamwork based than even and tactical.

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How is this more teamwork based? Not to mention the broken “no duplicate characters” feature that resolves the duplicate as it loads you into the game. So someone gets stuck with a character that they haven’t played/ or don’t like. I know that I am not going to change your mind, this is the internet and a forum after all but I don’t see your points at all.

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That’s my biggest problem is the no choice in characters. I liked class based. I’m okay with no duplicate classes but not characters.