Gaming monitor (any suggestions)

I want to buy a gaming monitor and I need help to look for one . One that’s not that really expensive. I hate having to look up on my mounted TV hurts my neck .thank you

24 inch curved monitor will do. Not sure on prices though. Unless you want a setup like on the movie Swordfish.

Search “24 inch BenQ monitor” on Amazon and the top couple of results will be good.

E.g. both of these are good

Asus is also a good brand. I’d go with BenQ or Asus.

What are you looking for exactly?

Refresh rate?
G-Sync / Freesync?
Price range?

A monitor that can be more comfortable then a tv fam
Price range around 150

So, not for gaming. All monitors at 150€/$ are pretty much the same, take the model you’re the most interested in.