GameStop collector's edition gears of war 5

I was wondering if they’re going to make another collector’s edition other than the GameStop
Don’t get me wrong here but the GameStop’s kind of KiddushI’m hoping that they generate another collector’s edition

That’s looking like the official one.

You don’t normally see multiple “Collectors” versions when it comes to the absolute high end version.

That’s too bad I’ve purchased every one of them they’re real nice in the past I think I’ll have to pass on this one I really did like the one with Marcus kneeling down excellence statue

This one definitely not what I wasn’t expecting.

The worst thing about GameStop is that it is not friendly towards UK customers. The site won’t work.

That’s a shame. In the states, I’ve had nothing but excellent service from them. There’s been times when their employees when above and beyond to help me out. If I do end up buying the game it’ll be through them. Odd that the site won’t work in the UK as I just checked their site right now and it says they ship internationally. Hopefully it’s just a temporary thing.

I agree, this collector’s edition is not that great… Was really hoping for a nice statue. Even the ‘Warden’ would have been a better choice then a Jack drone, I wouldn’t even dare try flying in risk of damage… :relieved:

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I either get blocked or diverted to GameStop Ireland :ireland:

@Me0wMix_CatFood @III_EnVii_III

Even when I tried going on american version of website, I can’t find Jack Drone Collector Editon. Only Standard and Ultimate Edition.

When I clicked the link for Jack Drone Collector Edition through IGN’s website, that site was also blocked for me.

I’m guessing because of the highlighted line? Which is kind of sucky :frowning:

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I’ve bought all the collectors editions/epic editions… I’ll be getting this one too, glutton for punishment

I think I’m going to pick up the Doom looks real nice


Supposed to run and play very good.

Doom? I’m confused I have no clue what you mean by “Doom”