Games you will buy next year

I’m just curious if you have a big or small list of games you plan on buying before scarlett based on what we know and rumors

Terminator resistance

Darksiders genesis

Doom eternal

Spongebob battle for bikini bottom remastered

And I’m assuming if the batman rumors are true it would be on next gen

Doom Eternal.


Half-Life: Alyx, The Last of Us 2 and Cyperpunk 2077,

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Oh ■■■■ I forgot about doom. Thanks

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last of us 2
Nioh 2
Streets of rage 4


Nothing since everything is a disappointment :laughing:

I have pre ordered the collectors editions of DOOM Eternal, Zombie Army 4 and Cyberpunk. I will be getting Darksiders Genesis but I have not looked at what editions there are yet.

Edit : Mmmmm, just looked at Darksiders Genesis, the Nephilim edition is very tempting.

2019 has been terrible for gaming. I don’t see it getting any better until the next generation of consoles in 2021.

I’m not buying any other games because Gears 5 is the best game out there and it will keep me busy until next year!!! FTW!!!

On a serious note though, DOOM Eternal, Cyberpunk, Streets of Rage 4, The Last of Us and I am sure there will be others.


Isn’t the nephilim edition almost the price of a console?

Great to see all the fellow streets of rage fans here :+1: I’m really looking forward to it.

More, £350.00 in the UK I pre ordered it today.


Did not know this was a thing


instantly getting this, the old sounds, the old gameplay, the old characters


thank you, I needed this :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

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Honestly there are too much games I don’t really know what I will buy day one, on sale or just wait 2021 and beyond.

To change a little from the obvious choices, here are the less-than-popular games I’m waiting: Haven, Humankind, Creaks, Dreams, Tell Me Why, Gods and Monsters, Hades, Griftlands, System Shock, Twin Mirror (2021 because of Epic exclusivity), Destroy All Humans, Weird West.

Think you should buy a PS4 and try this bad boy:

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I already have it on my most anticipated lists bro and I bought my PS4 Pro last month so I’ll be waiting.