Games Truly dead now

Onyx 3 solo queued fot about 15 games now. Lost all of them. Puts me against stacks and puts golds, silvers, bronez maybe 1 or 2 onyxs every now and then. TC if youre reading this then look at my previous 15 matches. This games a joke now.


Lower player base + solo que = bad experience.

If you are are ~Onyx or higher, Solo Queing is going to be stressful.

If I don’t normally have a 3-5 team, I just play 2v2.


No the joke is people crying about their ranks. Who cares.


I don’t think that’s what the post is about.

Getting paired with much lower ranked players against higher ranked players is not a pleasant experience.

But again, low player base.


it’s even worse when your bronze like me and end up facing a gold and silver team full of wall bouncers…lol


Didnt you know if you put your rank for GOW on your resume’ you’re guaranteed a job? That’s what they look for nowadays.


I always like games that have a lobby for new players. Gears 2 had it if I remember correctly, was it players under the rank of 10 ?
It would make good sense to have that kind of thing in 5. Maybe rank 20 and under in a specific lobby. It is still not perfect but might be a little better ?
Keep trying mate :slight_smile: I have only ever got as high as Onyx 1 and currently Gold 2 (just!) but I keep on, keeping on!

This game is dead because nobody wants to deal with TC’s ineptitude.

The only ones left are the die hards who don’t wanna move on and people running on the worst connections imaginable because it allows them to flourish.


Personally I think that gold and under should have it’s own playlist if it’s going to be this big of a deal. onyx and diamond not welcome. same, except opposite for bronze-gold.

Alternatively, just play the game if it’s fun, if it’s not, then play something else.

I haven’t played for so long. Red Dead is keeping me busy and Super Smash Bros Ultimate will keep me busy for a while


Its not dead its just quiet. Due to allot of big titles released Black friday sales. People does simply not have enough time.

I play it all the time and I never run into any problems. There’s alot of people still playing it so it’s not dead.


Dead in EU TDM, i need american hosts to play

I feel like groupings should go like this:

Diamond 2 to Diamond 5 Together

Onyx 1 to Diamond 1 Together

Silver 3 to Gold 3 Together

Bronze 1 to Silver 2 Together

This would allow games and ranks to be much more competitive, reliable and a lot more fun.

Of course, you need the playerbase to do this.


Exactly, i go in solo once in a while but nost of the time i go in with 2-5 friends… and we play against gold3 - diamond 1 players in that range… we are all in the onyx ranges. Mostly 2 and 3 and never usually have proboems we play aginst other good teams and stacks sometime… there are tons of ppl playing this game, not like 100 ppl like what is being suggested, far from dead

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I’m sure the matchmaking tries to do this or something similar but there are 2 big issues. The first is the player base as you said. I mean the other way around this is to let the queue run until better match ups are found - that would just spark more aggravation because you’d be waiting several to 10’s of minutes for your next match.

The second issue is the partying for ranked. Basically partying up is a loophole to matchmaking as you can put any ranks together. I would guess in most cases parties are going to be of similar rank. But then you have some where there might be a diamond with some golds and low onyx.

The workaround for the first point is to give people a choice.

Wait longer for better quality ranking and better connections or just go for the fastest / standard.

And the 2nd point, I already thought of this and the answer can only be to then restrict the squads based on ranking, of course this won’t work for every mode but if there was one which was like this - then it could work.

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one nice feature, that should be in the matchmaking ,would be to see how many player has been found for each team. Say you are 2 player searching for a match it only states that you are searching for opponents. But there should be the slots like in private match lobby. So the player can see if and what slots has players. This would clarify allot of uncertainty searching for games over 3 mins. Do we have a team or are we searching for teammates etc.

I have asked for this a few times.

Am I:

1 person waiting for 9


9 people waiting for 1.

You just don’t know currently.