Games as a Service

Games as a service is great. However they are many times made the wrong way and not as they where intended. Game as a service provides a fully functunal game. And communicates with the community that gets created by players enjoying the game. The developers can then see what players enjoy and how to contineu to develop there game. Not make a game and plan for dlcs and what to sell before the game has been released. That is not game as a service. That is bad planning and bad market analytics. Assuming to know what to sell and whats good for the players.

The players that plays a game allot starts to like different parts and things about a game and then the need for new functions or extentions is becoming needed or called for. And its then the developers and marketing can start to decide where to build to continue to meet the demand from the players. The more players the more money the more developers the bigger the company grows.

Yes, in theory, but not always in practice. GaaS can be great but expecting it to be great early on, especially the first year, is a recipe for disaster in my opinion.

GaaS does have benefits. Lower initial development costs. Constant stream of revenue to support ongoing development. A game that changes due to user feedback.

GaaS games I’ve enjoyed after they got years of polish: GTA V, Destiny 2, Smite, Warframe

But at launch, there are a lot of examples of high profile GaaS games falling flat with a significant portion of the community: Anthem, Fallout 76, GTA V, Sea of Thieves, Final Fantasy XIV, Rainbow Six Siege, Battlefront 2, Diablo 3

All of these have made me have a strict “no buy” policy for GaaS at launch, despite the potential for greatness.

Games as a service has nothing to do with physical or digital media… it has to do with how the developers choose to support their product post launch.

For example, you can own a physical copy of Gears 5, but your experience will be identical to the rest of us who own the digital version. Additionally, now that video games are so server dependent, the benefits of having a physical copy wont even matter soon, as many of these games wont even let you play campaign if you’re not online.


Haha, Digital Rights Management. A double edged sword.

I should have ended my post with “enjoy your plastic”.

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This was discussed on reddit, but they should have let Liam take point on questions and had someone else play. Don’t even need the person playing to actually be on camera. Of course that’s not exactly doable now lol.

A lot of the problem with the dev streams is Dana fumbling over his words and the impression he doesn’t fully understand what some are actually asking. If it’s not that then we get a typical PR response or the “we can’t talk about it.”

I’m the type I want more communication and as much transparency as possible. But you’re right the dev streams aren’t structured at all. The what’s up have turned into recaps and are almost a waste of time anyway. A few of the recent This Week in Gears don’t even have an actual blog, it’s just in a tweet.

I fully expected there to not be a what’s up this week, even if they said last week there would be one. We aren’t getting any real information until Op4 is close. I’d love to be wrong but that’s the way the Operations are designed. Bring as many people back when it drops, have a mid-Operation drop of characters, then pretty much nothing until the next one. The PvE balance update won’t be coming until Op4.

I appreciate the kind words and glad I gave you a laugh with my post lol. It’s great to have actual and constructive conversations.


To clarify, I also want quality communication. My main issue with the dev stream answers is that so much time is wasted answering questions in a way that doesn’t give us any real info.

I much preferred when BChaps curated a thread where he filtered questions and gave answers to already answered questions. He stopped this after TC started ignoring those threads.

I’m watching today’s stream and it has been fun to watch but the amount of news/announcements is zero.

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When they announced on Twitter they had this Domez person on stream(don’t really know much on who he is), I suspected this would be the case. Didn’t seem like there would be much talk going on in regards to news or anything… and probably mainly Versus oriented.

Rise DomeZ is a former pro Gears player. He recently retired to pursue content creation. He makes a ton of tutorials on how to improve your PvP gameplay on his YouTube channel.

Alright, fair enough. But my suspicions about the stream were right then. Hopefully they’ll get that PvE one going soon.

Yeah, i do tend to carry on a little.
I am Autistic, i tend to write what i am feeling, it is just that, sometimes, i can not stop.

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There are parts of this game that i do hate, even to the point of frustration, so i have a break from the game. I did this alot in Gears of War 4 Horde, i spent months getting my Baird to how i wanted and needed it for Horde, only to have any Tom, ■■■■ and Harry come along and build as they see fit. Gears 5 Horde comes along and the Building thing is restricted to the Engineer, as it should have been in Gears of War 4 Horde. But new problems arose, such as Energy. Damn that was frustrating when i first starting playing the game.
But, Gears 5 is worth playing, when you can put aside these problems, the game is enjoyable, it is even more enjoyable when you have a good team. The game is not completely and totally lost to its mistakes.

I like this. But, think about it in a logical sense. The Coalition have already tried to do too much, what they did in Horde, Perks, Jack, Forge and Taps was a step too far, Escape was a giant step, it should not even exist in Gears, it seems a great idea at first, but implemented badly. Logically a Snatcher grabs you, and you think to yourself, what is the chance this will Pod you, or you die in its pouch/belly. The game makes out you are 100% going to survive, no attempt at the lore has gone in to Escape, for that reason, i think it is daft.
I like you idea of hunting, Escape could so easily be converted to this game type, you get a team, you enter one end of the building, seal the doors and go in to the depths of said building and plant a bomb, then you “Escape” out of the other end. Such a better story to it, and even more adventurous.
This base building thing is already a thing, you just got to expand upon the characters more, such as Engineers that only build and repair, and the other characters basically defend the Engineer whilst he or she builds. The enemies get tougher every so many waves, and you got yourself a great game. Of course it would still be Horde, just that the characters would be designed around their own specific Roles. Engineers build, Snipers snipe, Tanks create aggro and take ■■■■ loads of damage while the Scout runs around picking up Energy for the Engineer and the Sniper and the Heavies kill the enemies going after the Tank.
I have brought this up before, and yeah, i am a bit of a cracked record, but here goes anyway. The game consist of 6 Roles, Engineer who builds and repairs, starts with the weakest weapons in the game, because he or she does not need anything powerful, Tank that enters the field and creates aggro taking fire and distracts from the Scout whose job is to collect Energy. The Tank starts with Assault Rifle, Shotgun and Grenades, whilst the Scout is mostly Shotgun and some other close range weapon. Sniper, is self explained, no need to go in to that role. Heavy, also known as Heavy Ordanance Specialist will have all the explosive weapons and bonuses to things such as Rocket Pod and Tri-Shot. The last Role would be Medic, or Healer, this would be a good role for Jack, but also a new character, maybe the return of Sofia (here is hoping) and the return of the Stim Grenade.
Tactics for this new set up would be the Engineer builds a base for the team, the Tank enters the field and within a certain radius creates aggro where the enemy focus on the Tank, the Scout picks up Energy the is dropped by the Tank using melee or weapon kills, or the Heavy or the Sniper kills and the Healer has a special Heads up Display that shows the players Hit Points, and he or she can then throw Stim Grenades, of which they will be carrying two types, an instant heal, and a heal over time, the IH as it sounds will instantly heal for so many HP and the HoT will heal more HP, but over a certain time and in a certain area.
Skill Cards will consist of 2 Ultimates, which you can only choose one or the other, and the various greens, blues, Purples and Yellow, and there will be 6 slots for the Skill Cards too, so the player can decide what and how they want to build the character. Each Skill Card will reflect upon the Role of the character, and be meaningful too.
I would definately bring back the Scrap, and card packs, these are sorely missed.

There are so many options and choices available for an ultimate Gears game, above is just an idea. I am sure there are better ones out there.