Games already...dead?

…Title is self explanatory. Get home from a night shift, to dust off a couple of MP games and…wow. Ranked games having to restart 3 times because of quitters. Add salt to the wound by having to face a team full of effing laggy mexican stacks. Like seriously? Im an effing Mexican myself living in the east coast and youre telling me there are not enough US players to face? Ridiculous. Its pure torture watching in horror as my character gets blasted to bits from long distances, while I hip-fire and constantly get 98% BS plays. Oh and a little teabags from these cocky wimps and ooof, I withhold my anger to avoid a damn hernia.

I know some of you will probably say “Hey, buddy, you dont have to play the game”. Hey, I payed good money to play this. Well, we all did. And overall, theres no other game that appeals to me like Gears. Yet here we are, a product with high expectations with more bugs and flaws than any other AAA shooter out so far.

Please, listen to us. Its all we only ask for. A working product. It doesnt have to be 100% perfect. Every game has flaws. But some of these problems are just so obvious to fix. The evidence/videos/complaints are all there. Yet here we are, left like dust in the wind. And sadly, I have no desire to go back to older titles. I will not take myself to grind all achievements on Gears 4. And re-upping past Wings 11 is extremely tedious and time-consiming, and unrewarding for me.

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Mexico doesn’t have their own servers, which is why they end up in the US West servers, at times in the East coast.

The game is dead even though millions of people are playing it, uuh I don’t think so.

He is saying he is Mexican and lives in the east coast. Honestly I like the game. It has its issues , the biggest for me is the iron ■■■■■■■■ and also you can only start out with lancer, I liked the hammerburst and enforcer , would be nice if I could start with those.