Games a little better

I haven’t played for a few weeks because I have been out of town and managed to play 3 or 4 games. It seems that the gnasher is leagues more reliable and fighting seems a little tighter I have been enjoying the game as a result for the few matches I’ve played.

Now the bad is that ive only played a few matches because I keep getting stuck in loops of lobbies creating and dissolving at any point up until game start. I sit there and as game is about to kick off I am removed or lobby dissolves.

What the hell happened to the servers over the last few weeks? This is as bad as launch day.

I know patches can take time but server loads should be something that you should have atleast half a handle on. This is crazy for an AAA title.

I hope that this can be resolved in the near
Future because this is awful. I’ve been cycling through for atleast 10 minutes doing this. Anyone else having this issue?