Gameplay regarding lancer assault rifle

I was just wondering if you guys would make a change to the chainsaw button. I would rather hold B for chainsaw and tap B for knife. It just messes with my active reload. Also it would be nice if you made the Lancer a touch tougher would also be helpful. So far im enjoying the game. I dont know if anyone will read this but if you do thankyou. Been here since the beginning and you guys have really kept the feel and story going almost if not as good as the original creators Good Job Guys!!! P.S. Ben Carmine & Halo 1 Master Chief would be awesome if you have the time ^-^

By a “touch tougher”

Do you mean more powerful?
As it’s extremely overpowered as it is right now

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Well you cant kill anything without it leaving you wide open. You can only down them if you are lucky. Im not asking for it to be alot tougher… Just yknow a touch. Slightly tougher than the snub would be good. Idk what was done in gears 4 but that somehow was a little stronger.